Laowhy86 on China’s Uprising the News Isn’t Covering | JHS Ep. 763

Laowhy86 — aka Matthew Tye, aka C-Milk — is a Westerner who lived in China for 10 years, and watched it change from an opening and liberalizing society into regression and authoritarianism. His YouTube videos explain China, Chinese culture, and Chinese politics, and decode Chinese propaganda so viewers are armed with the knowledge to identify and resist it.

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What We Discuss with Laowhy86:
0:00 – The Xinjang fire
9:26 – Tankman & Bannerman
23:06 – CCP dissonance tactic
35:55 – China’s dystopian QR code system
40:03 – Bank protests in Hunan
48:19 – China’s terrible vaccination rate
55:51 – What’s in store for China’s future

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  1. Get PCR TESTED, you will get INFECTED, funded by NIH, & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…Bill Gates thinks we should be under contant lockdowns like China's example, & us eat his Fake Meat of Insect Protein, instead of HEMP Proteins in Fake Meat
    Gates does NOT have any Science or Medical Degree, & why would anyone trust his WEF agendas? He not a Politician

  2. 11:43 Should tell you something guys, there can be no more middle ground. Radicals, ideologues, and apathy have seen to that.

    We're entering an age of establishment vs outsider.. and if you don't pick a side, it will be picked for you.

    Scary stuff.

  3. I don't think the Communist party is going to fall. People have made that prediction before and it's been wrong every time before and it will be wrong this time. There is just no internal cohesion among the opposition to the Communist Party in the People's Republic. The only end to the Communist Party comes from when the People's Republic is defeated by an outside force and then we have Nuremberg 2.0 for the Communist Party members.

  4. 86 a grifting dishonest troll. he used to make good content but then got turfed out under really dubious and unclear circumstances and now just has a vendetta and makes complete troll clickbait. sure, china's got loads of problems to be sure, but this guy doesn't even live here anymore and doesn't know what the hell is actually going on. just because someone lived in china for a few years doesn't mean they know what the hell is happening. dude is a complete troll at this point, and ZA is even worse. They know that idiot westerners who know nothing at all about china will slurp up any shit they spew about how horrible it is and take it all as gospel even though it's at least 50% bullshit. I'm certainly not a fan of the party either, but these two are (should be) smart enough to understand that just because the party sucks doesn't mean china is collapsing and is a hell hole. They clearly do understand that their audience of morons isn't smart enough to understand that fact. The laowai (foreigner in China) is really a special breed these days, by and large, living in China but hating on the place constantly and turning on anyone who isn't an anger and complaint fountain. China is better off without losers like 86 and ZA honestly… really a shame how they've devolved from good content creators into trash trolls. He is correct about a number of things, to be sure… but he just goes about talking about them in a pretty dishonest way to get maximum clicks from ignorant westerners… there is no "uprising"… for better or worse i'm not sure, but it simply isn't occurring. Westerners want to hear that China is dying/dead and so 86 tells them that, even though it's utter BS

  5. The nature of China has not changed in thousands of years…..China still wants to focus inward. Modern tech has made that possible down to the individual. They now benefit from Global Trade but China will do what it needs to to survive and remain heavily centralized, politically. Their AI is benefiting immensely from the amount of "tracking data" it has to process….however sinister

  6. It is not wise to spread misinformation, please only say positive opinions about the CCP and their sale of human organs. Also more importantly, the great leap forward, cultural revolution and Tiananmem Square are all illusions created by the west.

  7. I learned about Tank Man in grade 8, but maybe i just wasn't paying attention or maybe they didn't teach it very well lol, because my impression was "Wow, he stood up to the tanks and the protests were successful as a result! What a brave man!" lol

  8. No, J.H. MSM does NOT make people think of "…some kind of weird, right wing…" anything. The MSM in the U.S. is dominated by left wing FASCISTS. The FBI, big tech, big pharma and the U.S. MSM are colluding. Wake up.

  9. Are you aware that AMERICANS had one of the highest death rates of the countries with stats? Of course we counted people who died WITH Covid along with those who died OF Covid.

  10. If you think you have to be a "right wing nut job" to understand that corporate media is lying, both through the information they broadcast as well as the data/ events that they omit and bury, then you've been successfully indoctrinated. Don't think to hard about Afghanistan and Iraq, Russia gate, Kyle Rittenhouse, Jussie smollet, and fiery but peaceful. *Brought to you by Pfizer*

  11. I am sure that there are revolutionary thoughts in China right now because of the covid lockdowns but that being said, I kind of think laowhy is just more hopeful and exaggerating the idea that Chinese people are going to overthrow the government just because he wishes that would happen considering he was kicked out of China

  12. Don't let them do the surveillance state thing in the western world! We don't want 1984 as real life. People deserve to have some privacy. Sticking your nose into other people's business constantly is RUDE.

  13. so many things are wrong right now. i'm a nurse in the US but my friends that do this job in China are all testing positive, and even though they are symptomatic they must go to work. So basically if you step foot in a hospital in china right now, it's almost guaranteed all of the hospital workers have covid and are forced to keep going to work, "as long as their body permits them" (aka you can still stand up). So we wonder why there is an explosion of covid everywhere , i mean the level of stupidity is shocking but also the fact so many people are still praising the government for handling Covid. i mean, it's like shocking and depressing on so many levels.

  14. Yes, the prospect of the PLA joining the protests was one of two reasons I thought the CCP might have decided against a public bloodbath. The other was that it wants to retake Taiwan, preferably by popular vote of its citizens, who recently (reportedly) polled slightly in favor of merging with the mainland. A public bloodbath would have reversed any such sentiment.

  15. Been to China and a bunch of other dictatorships like California, Canada and the UK. Here's what I don't understand, the work that goes into being in total control of a people can't be worth the hassle. Tracking tens of millions and in this case more than a billion people 24/7 is complete idiocy.

  16. People don’t go from anti poke to blowing up the White House. It’s Ruby Ridge, Waco, and a dozen other things before the poke, and only then is it time to blow up the White House. You’re ignorant to our nation’s history and it shows.

  17. Seems XJP is doing his best to wipe out the CCP " old guard " with the abrupt cancellation of Zero Covid. In its place will be a " party " hierarchy entirely under XJP's one man control. The protests only gave the excuse XJP needed. God only knows what strains of the Wuhanvirus is burning through the mainland population right now…& coming to a Western airport near you…..old, new…enhanced, weaponized ??

  18. People need to understand that western governments are setting up this kind of control right now. People are being arrested for "non crime" saying or doing something that although not illegal is deemed harmful, "wrong think" people are being taken into custody to have their thinking examined. Cameras in the UK are in comparable numbers to China.

  19. Whilst you seem to speak truth about China
    You seem to have fallen for western propergander re Russia military abilities?
    There are two sides to this proxy war✊🌏

  20. Jordon, you have to get more credible guests. Matt is total BS on the China hate train to attract viewers to his retarded channel. BTW, there’s no crackdown on protests in China and now the country is fully opened so your video is a bit dated. One good subject you should cover is the Twitter file. Take guts to talk about that and cover something real

  21. The cognitive dissonance of these two is mind blowing.

    They causally make jokes about right wing lunatics, as they call them, while describing in excruciating detail what happens when leftists take absolute power.

    How can anybody take them seriously?

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