Large Rallies In Support of Putin’s Referendums And Mobilization 50x Larger Than Protests Against

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. Nato don’t want Russia let the border country decide if they want to join nato. Those countries makes their own decisions. Nobody’s attack Russia… Russia attack Ukraine

  2. @KimIversen please have on Eva K Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley and long time 8 years on the ground independent reporter Patrick Lancaster! All three have YouTube channels and are on Twitter. Thank you for all you do. Patrick is very prolific in his dedication to his reporting!

  3. This is so unbalanced. Poor "journalism" . Might as well been dictated by Russian spin doctors. Normally a fan of Kim but this is really poor – she didn't challenge her on anything.

  4. one reason I like this show is , ….. Kim airs out the truth .
    by letting real people tell their story .
    it lets the viewer see the truth about whats going on .
    not some polished propaganda machine , force feeding you lies !

  5. Kim, well done for bringing on a real reporter. Fiorella deserves all respect. Such an objective and knowledgeable young girl. God bless her and protect her from Western liberal monsters. Main stream media on the West can not understand that their agenda is decadent and insulting for human, traditional, cultural and family values of Russian people. President Putin is a symbol of all that Russians want to protect and defend from the Wild West.
    Promoting "Early Childcare Centres" in which collective West are proudly teaching and encouraging 3 – 5 years old todlers how to masturbate and engage in sex games is something that won't be implemented under Putin's watch.
    And those dirty paedophiles dare to label President Putin as a "Hitler" or "dictator".

  6. This is just what we in the west need to hear a report by an American residing in Russia, no lamestream propaganda, the horseshit on Australian tv is laughable, whatever the clowns on 7,9,10,abc say I have found the opposite is true

  7. Putin is destroying Russia. This war will isolate Russia from the West, aligning it with backward authoritarian governments: China, Iran, North Korea…Democracy and capitalism aren’t perfect but they’re a hell if lot better than what these countries have.

  8. I have been following Clayton Morris on Redacted and Dr Steve Turley that have been reporting on this for the last 6 months! Also Patric Lancaster and Eva Bartlett that’s at the front line reporting. People should stop watching MSM and follow independent people to get the real story! Thanks Kim for your honest reporting

  9. Kim is some sort of idiot. Yeah people in Russia support Putin and annexing parts of Ukraine. I have family members in eastern Ukraine, they speak Russian and traditionally thought of themselves as "Russian". That is not the case any more. To put it mildly Russians are not welcome in Ukraine any more.

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