Larry Elder Talks To Lt. General Thomas McInerney – Says Votes Were Changed By Up To 3% For Biden

The Larry Elder Show 11/10/20 Hour 2


  1. If the system was made to flip votes and keep the percentage between 3% does that mean it’s
    possible that trump had way more than 71 million votes? Imagine all of these patriots pushing back- keep up the good fight! ????

  2. It does not pass lthe mathmatical test either. When vote counting stopped at 1am Trump was leading WI, MI, PA, GA, NC. AZ with more than 80% votes accounted for. After 4am when vote count continued Biden votes escalated that defies mathmatical possibilities for the remaining % of votes.

  3. We are dealing with competing narratives, they can’t both be true, at least one side is lying. God please give us the strength, give us the knowledge, give us the equanimity to discover the truth.