Latest huge Big Pharma FRAUD settlement + shocking history of injury and death cover-ups

Just the latest massive settlement from a major Big Pharma company.

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Written by Dr. Suneel Dhand


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  1. The doctor's final thought raises a question that demands an answer from HIM. What of the "doctors" (criminals in white coats) who took the bribes? Why are they not fined? Why are their licenses pulled? Not a few, but every last one? The drug companies are just sharing the wealth with the corruptoids in the Federal Government who allowed them to produce and distribute the killer chemistry. It is done under the sham of a "FINE." One type of criminal activity covering the other. This yutz moralizes about the problem, but does not address the reality.

  2. If there weren't crooked physicians willing to take kickbacks crooked Big Pharma couldn't do this. As we all know, the first tenet of the Hypocritical Oath is … "First, do no harm to your bottom line."

  3. This subject matter sounds suspiciously the same as a woman who used to work for a pharma company and turned whistleblower, doing talks around the country. She died prematurely.
    Perhaps you need to make a statement Dr. that you are not suicidal and have a medical to show you're in good health.

  4. Majority of the Pharmaceutical Companies criminal and civil violations, penalties and settlements found were from whistleblowers. Hopefully more and more whistleblowers will come forward and expose these greedy, corrupt and heartless companies who put profits ahead of people’s health.

  5. Thank you Suneel, no shocks there, which is awful as we have all come to expect such atrocities from big Pharma…now it’s time for crim8nal trials instead of slaps on the financial wrists.

  6. I'm so angry. They are sociopathic. The oil tycoon business model of protect my oil assets with big pharma petrol chemical meds. We were magnificently created. To witness the blatant disregard for human and spirit is alot to bear. We must rise, find alternative medicine like Ayurvedic or traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture for real healing. I've been through it and I promise you that there are higher vibrational solutions. Meditation no GMO if possible and kick big pharma to the curb. I bought my health a decade ago by bought I mean paid for alternative doctors advice and treatment. I live in Canada where health care is "free." I get upset when politicians here lobby for more access to petrol chemical meds that will never make you better but life long dependant on pills. These shape shifting tycoons are always a step ahead, masterfully manipulative. We love you Dr. Dhand. Stay strong.

  7. Thanks for speaking out! Pharmaceutical industries all caught up in criminal activity
    Exactly why I said no to there gene therapy, I did my research, I do not just “ trust the professionals” I trust my internal guidance system and my ability to critically think and research

  8. Are the vaccinations by pharma causing immune suppression and is this the cause for the mass outbreaks of herpes? As I've seen studies stating that 90% of the population has it, both HSV-1 and HSV-2 at different levels. Makes me wonder, since the virus replicates rapidly when the immune system isn't working as it should. Good video Dr.

  9. So US federal gvt, the states and the whistleblower Bawduniak share the money. What was this injunction other than just more bribes? 'We'll pay you and we won't go to prison'.

  10. I've just seen an article saying that the DOD had signed a contract with Ukraine bio labs 3 (THREE) months before covid started. Read that again and let it sink in😱😱.
    Phizer now released a document saying that their price of clot shots are increasing from 30 dollars to over 100 dollars – PER SHOT!!!

  11. The best doctors in this world we live on are those that throw away the prescription pad. That comes from a doc in the year 270 BC. If he was around today, I bet he couldn’t stop laughing at these companies, that couldn’t give a shit about your health.

  12. Who gets these fines and why are the people that are injured by these CRIMES are not having their health bills covered tell me how good the WEST is again you fools! We are lead by completely EVIL PEOPLE!

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