Latest News: Democratic Iowa Debate Winners and Losers | Tim Black

Epic Break Down of Democratic Iowa Debate Winners and Losers 1/14/2020.

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Written by TBTV

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  1. I would agree that our healthcare in the US has severe systemic problems and in turn is way way over priced. However, I’m pretty sure we actually do have the highest quality care.

  2. How the HELL is Klobuchar still in this thing… o_O like.. I've never met a supporter of hers, not even ONLINE. I swear shes got a botnet or something keeping her in this, and at some point shes gonna rip her face off and reveal herself to be an actual robot. Look at her jaw, her human mask is misaligned.

  3. The debates were a whitebread, CIA talking points, shitshow, with no heart, no soul or in other words, a total waste of my time and yours. That is, aside from Bernie. Now, I don't agree with nearly anything that comes out of Yang's mouth, but I missed seeing him as well as Tulsi. Aside from Bernie there wasn't' a single person on the stage I would trust with 50 cents, much less the economy of our country. And they had absolutely the worst moderators in the history of debates. They were rude to participants, manipulative and just plain ugly. And come on! Wolf Blitzer? The warmongering CIA asset who creams his jeans at the mere mention of war? Frick…..
    Maui Bill

  4. then why has warren been hugging him all throughout this race if she weren't lying??? why now, why be so nice and friendly with the man for a whole year of campaigning and not bring it up at the beginning of the race let alone the first debate if it was true? instead she was all nice with him and respectful and agreeing with him basically on everything?? and to top it off as she continued to evolve in the campaign she turned into a total bitch! as she started to lose, she blatantly lies, that is the definition of a sore loser and that's whats happening. shes a disgrace. being a woman does not mean you are entitled! win fair and square.

  5. She is saying that crap because Hillary and Obama gave notice that same day they were joining in to effect the Presidential election and little doubt it was Hitlary's idea and Warren sell out went right for it. Truth is I think they want Biden. They can put him in an office chair and roll him around the room.