Lauren Boebert Accidently BAITS Raging Lefties On Twitter! They Don’t Even KNOW!


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  1. Get Biden to say, “Let’s go Brandon” -CHECK
    Get entire leftie window lickers to make fun of themselves, essentially saying, “Let’s go Brandon” -CHECK

  2. Wow what do they do when they get embarrassed so brutally? I know it happens more than once. Maybe they don't have a conscience at all and just keep being stupid..? I would burn my account after something like that lol. This is why I never blast someone in a petty way and try to cancel them. Being respectful has it's benefits lol.

  3. I honestly think the "vote blue, no matter who" crowd would put Epstien in office if he were still around, cause of their TDS and ignorance. They're too busy looking for the next pointless thing to be offended over and "change".

  4. Sounds like a bunch of Masters degrees living with there Parents waiting on Biden to pay off there student loans. FJB and every lefty in America we aren't paying for shit!

  5. I just went and saw the replies by god is it hilarious, backpedaling at the speed of light. Now they're trying to ridicule her for insulting his speech impediment, all without a sliver of self reflection that it was exactly what they just did. Also people are mass deleting their tweets in droves because they been had. It's a glorious trainwreck to witness

  6. Nobody voted for biden because of what Biden would provide as a president. But every Trump voter voted for him because they actually voted for the guy. So with that information, Trump is still the most popular presidential candidate. He loves rent-free in the minds of commies and marxists…and being anti fascist against the left is good. You can be antifascist and be against “antifa”. It’s simple, really.

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