Lawyering up! 😠

The EU Commission is lawyering up to respond to a law the UK hasn’t actually made yet.

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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. The Labour party and its flunkies are determined to undermine the British nation. These servile pygmies are a fifth column rabble, having lost the referendum through the ballot box they now intend to reverse the process by stealth and deception. They intend to place Britain once again back into the governance of a corrupt and inefficient European Union, a dysfunctional bureaucratic self serving monolith of mediocrities. Independence is not for these people but, a cringing desire for submission and masochism.

  2. Jeff boy had you any understanding of the eu position not be Brixt clowns that no nothing the eu is use it sovereignty. It right to confirm it power over it singal market. For the same principle. You believe in Brixt. Yet it did need to cut off it face to achieve it sovereignty jeff boy. The court case is because the uk has had 2 years to implement the deal it in breach of the deal in control the uk eu borders to that sovereignty division you so want ie Brixt. It has placed borders control. Check not give the eu live data as the contract requires but as Brixt clowns you think it over laws to overturn the deal because you have clowns clue wot you talking about a year ago the uk government started to talk to the eu on change to the deal like green lane the eu want to implement. The uk refuses to accept. Now is pass a law to implement one of the things the eu want to do to fix the problem at the border in the Irish Sea get over be Brixt clown 🤡 stop telling stories about things you don’t understand. Because your Brixt back side is capable of look the facts up. Because you trigger has been trigger for Brixt failure ! Get over your Brixt failure Brixt means Brixt not Brixt failure of pick mix or I choose like half the country to return to the eu because if you think Brixt is pick mix is now pick mix for uk citizens. Not democracy accountability vote you forget to respect ! Get over Brixt jeff boy Brixt means Brixt not wot you like it is choices of bits it means including the north Ireland protocol ! To change Brixt would require a re run of the ref vote ! You would want to do that jeff boy it more like you lose it all together

  3. Jeff, crying again, hypocrite, the DUP you champion voted against the GFA!!! Then have the shameful audacity to claim the NIP damages said GFA!!!
    If you default on your mortgage it comes with consequences!!!? Just like breaking the agreed NIP.

  4. No jeff boy you left for Brixt as third country. You have no say for Brixt. Which means you get to follow more eu law s with out any say ! Did you understand wot you were vote for ?

  5. I know I am just an average old man, but since when has there ever been something such as international law? I know there are international agreements and protocol but as far as I know there is no international law. And as for them taking us to court, what court, we are no loner in the EU so their European court is null and void for us.

  6. O no Jeff if you care about north Ireland you would use miss May back stop to achieve Brixt. ! Hay hay. Once Brixt clown allways Brixt clown jeff boy do not read or understand the issue there was no issues until you through north Ireland under bus for Brixt get over it jeff boy north Ireland got the best deal for Brixt. Unlike Brixt UK Mainland

  7. Jeff the loyalists are not going to let this happen… The government are already worried. The EU are not creating peace. With this stance ✌️🇬🇧

  8. Had read articles 16 instead of listed gab news or read the daily mail you understand articles 16 is for limited areas not to trash the deal or the standards or destroy the court system of dispute

  9. Are we not a free sovereign nation,if so what are we hanging about for. is it that Boris wants to f about till whenever, he has no balls and is staggering from one cock up to the next…

  10. If Jeff boy understand Brixt he would understand that government should not have power our sovereignty power MPs in the chamber should have the power not government with no democracy control over sight ! Brixt means Brixt jeff boy power to our sovereignty power the common s not group of government heads. For Brixt to support this bill is to scrap Brixt. Jeff. So why are you crying over this bill or the process in north Ireland it Brixt you new wot you vote for Brixt ! Get over it ! Brixt means Brixt not pick mix of wot Brixt support decisions to not ditching

  11. The Eu has a real nerve when we have been the 2nd biggest contributer for decades, The amount we have given up to pump into the EU project to prop up weaker countries. We have given up British trade to hand to poorer economies. And yet they want to destroy us because we left. F#ck them! The lot of them! Who ever gets behind this we wont forget their hostility.

  12. Well I am just back from a holiday in France and prices are eye watering in the large supermarkets. Petrol prices about the same as here but normal everyday items are way above ours. Thank our lucky stars we are now out of that club.

  13. When will the powers that be in this country realise that the EU are not our friends and partners and will continue to make life difficult until we succumb to their determination to get us back in the fold. We should have left with no deal and then let them beg to trade us.

  14. The economy in NI is doing great …. better than all other regions in LB (will be GB for you) except the London area. Seems like some dinosaur deniers can't accept the outcome of the elections when a majority of NI population voted in favor off the protocol.

  15. Jeff Jeff….if you want to blame anyone Blame Boris Johnson…he boasted that his "Oven Ready Deal " was fantastic and signed it into International Law..why are you moaning to the EU whom actually have the best interests of the hardworking UK voters at are barking up the wrong tree ! Boris should be your target!

  16. it just goes to show just how virtually ineffective Johnson and his band of bribed EU politicians are..
    his policies always succumb to the desire's of the EU justice courts.. and yet says's nothing to them about the $ 59bn.
    the EU paid for Russian Energy ( oil and gas ) in the first 100 hundred days of the on going war in Ukraine. and his latest

    massage to us is how good our food industries could be….. makes you wander what planet this man is on.

  17. It was never going to work – Boris just kicked the discrepancies in interests into the long grass hoping time would resolve but they have become more of an issue. Maybe the EU will collapse soon ? If not we could always cosy up to Russia and China LOL.

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