Le Pen Close To Defeating Macron In Election [09.03.21]

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0:00 Le Pen Close To French Presidency

8:57 Macron Loses Control Of European Parliament

10:09 City Of London Moves Against EU

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Le Pen Close To Defeating Macron In Election

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. French elections are always the same. The FN wins the first round, then out of fear, the public will vote for whoever is against them on the second round. Macron will most likely be re-elected.

  2. You're asking why we call LePen "far right"… in France we do know. She (and her family) have cultivated very strong links with neo naz, Vichy nostalgics, and far right groups all her life. She has been trying to hide this fact to be "electable" in the last few years and you are falling into the illusion but in France there is no doubts that her ambition is why she is keeping her political position as blur as possible

  3. Macron cuts a ridiculous figure.
    His hopping around giving it " je suis le presidaunt du fwonce" to that school kid just cemented his place as a tit par excellence.

  4. We're going to see a galvinitation of populists across all mayor and government by 2030 and we are also going to see a rise in racial hate toward white and super straight people leading to a dilemma of what to do with them all because victim culture of the last 15 years is coming to an end and the judgment of those people will be passed. It's up to you what you feel should happen

  5. Much as I might like Le Pen to secure the Presidency and shake more than a few things up, including the EU, it ain’t going to happen. The right will split and the Left and woke carry the day, sadly.

  6. When push comes to shove the French electorate will bottle it at the final hour and vote for La Petite Napoleon. Even if Im wrong Le Pen now advocates staying in the EU.

  7. who knows what far left or far right means anymore they keep changing the definition… like a centrist 10years ago now would be far right…..the world has gone cookoo

  8. To think I used to support liebor to the death. I remember when I was about 16 or 17 in the very early 70s, and just getting into the working habit, and being told liebor is for the working man, and the Tories enemy; one of my uncles, a bricky told me to vote Tory as there was always work and money around when they were in power. I couldn't see how, and didn't believe him. It took till fony bliers first term of office to make me realise that what my dear old uncle said, was bloody true. Oh, I wish I could turn the clock back and say how right you were.

  9. Im sorry but know your historty and dont be FAKE NEWS. Hitler and the Nazi party was far left wing. The Nazi party was the National socialist workers party and Hitler took over state production. This is the Socialist State.

  10. No other European countries
    wants to leave the EU.
    And to have a public referendum
    based only on :
    A lot of lies
    And without any explanation about the consequences
    for all citizens, workers, renters, students, travelers and so on.

  11. Far right seems to mean normal if taken in 2011 context. Unless you support Marxism, race theory or a man can give birth you're far right ?

  12. The French Revolution they should grasp this moment in time and run with it.its the French citizens time in history or not just like the last election???????