LEAK: Joe Biden DEMANDS Donald Trump Be PROSECUTED By His Department Of Justice.

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Written by Liberal Hivemind


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  1. Whenever the Democraps are in charge, I always refer to the DOJ as the "Department of Injustice", because they are the ones who always weaponize the department for their own political ends.

  2. Don't interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying themselves, trump and the Patriots are going to have so much ammo to use against these corrupt people when accountability comes

  3. This administration along with former Democrats like the Clinton's has ruined our democracy along with the reputation of every department working for our government to date.
    The corruption in our government is unbelievable as many of us know that the hunter Biden laptop was legitimate for over a year and a half.
    While our government law enforcement and our justice system did absolutely nothing about it until now which they are forced to

  4. January 6 was a set up to go after President Trump and his supporters that is blatantly obvious Biden has been in politics for decades and is corrupt as they come along with others

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