Leak: Liberals Poised to Remove Covid Mandates – Even the ArriveCAN App

With Pierre Poilievre winning the Conservative Leadership in a landslide victory, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals seem to be afraid of the incoming push to remove them from power.

Toronto Star:

Biden “the pandemic is over”:

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  1. In order for US

    crossing red lines,

    intensifying battles,


    little nukes,

    III WW like begins,

    emergency war act invoked in US,


    Mission of Soros, Schwab, Biden and whole SWAMP is accomplished,

    IT'S OVER!!!

    Guys, keep your guns loaded!!!

  2. Another election is coming. Trudeau isn’t going to wait for people to get to know Pierre he’s going to trash him in the media and fear monger people then call an election and hope to win again while the conservatives are still getting organized

  3. I sure hope so but a little too late to see my Mom but I can at least see my family & help my brothers out with my Mom’s stuff. And my sister just got a puppy that I need to meet. 💕

  4. It does not matter what they do, the liberals, at this point. None of us will forget, nor forgive what they did when they could do as they pleased. They've shown their true colors, and their ideology. The conservative party is more united than ever before. I do like the new leader of the Albeeta independent party, maybe you've heard of him? Lol I'm moving to Alberta from BC. Step one, get the liberals out, step 2, who cares focus on step 1

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