Leaked Audio From Internal Twitter Meeting Reveals Execs Scrambling To Cope, Musk Clarifies Stance

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  1. The CEO of Twitter and his executives are being extremes and saying that we enforce scammers… Implying that Elon Musk wouldn't be censoring scammers… Elon Musk is going to stop people from doing bad things but he still going to allow a free and open platform… obviously there's got to be a level of censorship to a degree if it's appropriate if someone's being sexually inappropriate or verbally threatening or violent… That obviously there needs to be some censorship even if it's a free and open platform regardless

    Elon Musk is smart enough to know the boundaries and know what the middle ground is while still allowing a first amendment constitutional right of free speech and still having common sense to enforce basic Community guidelines and rules

  2. 2+2=4, this is truth. What Twitter was always calling truth, was in reality worst than opinion. It was a tentacle of the globalist agendas. In other words, it was laced with lies aka garbage. Why people call this nefarious service a ""product"" is really stupid.

  3. Crazy how the left is all "we love gay people" until it comes time to ban a fellow leftist like someone from al quada. No hypocrisy there at all.

  4. Please everyone we must pray incessantly before our Mighty God and beg Him to quash and destroy the diabolical plans of the current fake president and administration. The current fake president and administration are planning a food shortage other essential items needed come this summer. The diabolical idea is to gauge and research how people react when they are deprived of food and or force to ration quantities of food needed to provide for their families. This is a communist tactic (currently being applied in China, trapped in their homes, no food or medicines or anything else at the order of their dictator. The Chinese police patrols the streets and building to ensure no Chinese citizens ventures out of their home to get food supplies).
    We’re under a heavy diabolical cloud hovering over the USA. The current fake president and fake administration are pure evil in the literal sense. The USA satanic church is the biggest financial contributor to the Democratic Party and their candidates. The demon possessed democrats pass satanic, immoral and offensive laws against God and us His children. The democrats therefore push for the abortion massacre of billion of unborn babies around the world. The satanists claim the murder of the unborns is their satanic sacrilegious right.

  5. That says it all – “we are not bound by the first amendment “ and basically decide what’s good for you. Sorry to tell you but you won’t need to learn how to work for Musk. You will need to find a new job. Start at the top and fire them all except the janitor then move their headquarters to a more business friendly state.

  6. Why send our kiks to protect country that hates us ??? They Dems our kids to protect other parents and their children???and their grand children. While they murdered our children. And grand children. Etc. Democrats make sure other country will have their children. And g children ??????? While using ours to die protecting their future ???

  7. If you Twitter exec. don't like true free speech you are free to move to Russia, Cuba, China, or Venezuela. There you can get a job that involves taking orders from a totalitarian government instead of just 1 party in a 2 party system. You're feeling will not be hurt by differing opinions.

  8. This feels so manipulative playing the audio in fast speed! 🤔 It eliminates the ability to hear scripted vs natural dialogue. I don't trust the story the video is putting out!!

  9. The EU had big talk against Russia and Putin. Now there on their knees begging for pipeline taps turned on, and their buying Rubles like no tomorrow. They will go thru same experience with Elon who owns a worldwide satellite information system, and the means and access to them. No un country other than Russia and USA have that capability, and Elons is superior to all others.🖕 globalist DS puppets.

  10. I hate to be like this, but after so many years of the Democrats forcing their leftist crap down everyone’s throat the notion of payback via equalizing the playing field gives me a wild erection.

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