Leaked Audio Of Biden EXPOSES His Lies, Joe Knew About Hunter’s CHINA DEAL

Guest: Greg Ellis
@EllisGreg (Twitter) (LinkTree) “The Respondent” book

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  1. You let this administration off the hook by assuming they take orders from this Trojan horse/ puppet. Follow the money. Who benefits from the withdrawal in Afghanistan? Think about all the global partnerships these corrupt politicians have forged and who needs what. That’s where all of these distractions and decisions will make sense.

  2. "Trumps family committed so many crimes!"

    "You mean like these here on Hunter's laptop?"

    "That's fake news, and Hunter is not the President"

    "And Donald Trump and his children are?"

    "Durrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jan 6 was worse than pearl harbor, Russia, Putin, bleach…"

  3. and what will happen? literally nothing. all these leaks all this information all this evidence against all of these DEMONOcrats, and literally nothing happens. the system is completely broken

  4. I think you guys are giving joe too much credit. Hes likely not making the decisions here but simply signing off on them. The experts in their field propose a solution to a problem and joe gives it his blessing. It's how we operate onboard a ship in the navy. Captain has final say, but we brief the captain on what the problem is and how we intend on solving it. Because he bares responsibility for the outcome of our solution, he gets final say and must approve the actions before we commence. Obama was golfing while seal team 6 was in position to move on bin laden. Obama didnt come up with the plan, he just gave the green light to allow the pawn to move.

  5. Nothing will happen the left has moved on they are like spoiled little children heard anything more about BLM? They are for now focusing on abortion two months from now they will be on to their next cause

  6. This will not matter at all. They will just say it’s racist. Or targeting… this isn’t lying about sleeping with an assistant. Or hiding emails and destroying government property. So what will they say about this? Lol nothing , they will just say no. Then another school shooting or some celebrity trial… the machine has us…

  7. Afghanistan ALONE was completely IMPEACHABLE AND was EASILY the worst failure of our military/intelligence apparatus in the history of this nation. He massively degraded our world standing and continues to do so!! We are in DIRE STRAITS!!

  8. Tim, there is NO WAY they accidentally evacuated the wrong base. NO FUCKING WAY!! I'm a Iraq and Afghanistan vet and it just doesn't work like that. There would have been DOZENS of links in that chain and all of them would have had to be in compliance. If I were the General on the ground there, I would have DEMANDED verification before I followed those orders and even then, I think I would have thrown my rank on the table over this. We lost many men to secure that base. THE MOST VALUABLE MILITARY BASE IN ALL THE WORLD, STRATEGICALLY. It was a massive error and EVERYONE knows it!

  9. Tim I love the way that you present these various scenarios of what it's like in the private meetings with Biden but I think you're giving him a lot more credit there's no way that this man is making any such massive decisions are important decisions like to pull out of Afghanistan it's impossible

  10. Is president houseplant better than president shit-poster?

    I don't think anyone is going to argue Trump wasn't an asshole, but at least he got shit done.

    I have noted my gas prices jumped from $1.75/ gal, to +$4/gal. And that was before the fracas in Ukraine started. Since then, they went to almost $6/ gallon. I'm reminded of the first season of "The Walking Dead", when Rick found a gas station with, what? $8.95/gal. on the billboard?

    And we don't even have a zombie apocalypse?

    I'm old enough to remember filling up my truck for $1.05/ gallon. I'm also old enough to remember the first time gas broke $2/ gallon, and everyone was losing their minds. The guy with the Ford Excursion, with two 25 gallon tanks was particularly apoplectic.

    You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

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