Leaked Audio Of JOE BIDEN Exposes Disregard for his Base.

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  1. Listen to his constant refrain: I am the first person… I am the only person….He has always used this kind of refrain THROUGHOUT his career. He is not only a serial liar but a SERIAL BRAGGART….a braggart who lies about how wonderful he is!

  2. I tell you this. I can't take you bashing a Roman Catholic being hated by Roman Catholic.
    This is the Trump reality.
    Joe Biden is a Roman Catholic.
    Jimmy, I honestly thought you were over identity poloitcs. Get high anjnk before you do snother show.
    Unlike you I am pushing for the Green Labor party.

  3. You know what's going to be so sad about all of this? Biden's gonna be so bad, people who woulda never are gonna start missing Trump. Not because he's better than Biden, but because at least with Trump you know where he stands – he's out for himself and as long as his ego is massaged he'll do whatever, he hasn't got a clue and at the end of the day he's more grifter than businessman. Biden presents with all the worst traits of the colonizer – he smiles in your face, stabs you in the back, sticks it in and gives it a good twist, all the while telling you how you should be grateful. And all because the Democratic Party – the Clintons, Obama, Wasserman, et al – would rather lose, than see Bernie Sanders as President of the United States Of America. Having cheated him out of the nomination, all they've got to offer is warmed up leftover shit that are the neo-liberal, moderate Republican policies of the Obama era, while the country burns. The US really is between a rock and a hard place; warmed over shit or the vomitus tripe that Trump spews. In a choice between eating shit or eating vomit, neither offers much hope. It doesn't have to be this way, but it seems the US appetite for unfettered commodification and the utter joy it seems to derive from killing fellow human beings, is insatiable. The pity of it is that you are doing to yourselves, even as you do it to "others", you're just too blind to see it. I mean if Stevie Wonder can see, what's your deal? "Your name is Big Brother, I don't even have to do nothing to you, you'll cause your own country to fall." (Stevie Wonder, Big Brother – Talking Book) There are other options besides scarcity and killing and profit; options like sharing and empowering and abundance. It doesn't have to be this hard not just for the US, but for the globe. It's absurd that in a time of such great abundance on our planet anyone should lack. Just fucking absurd. We're upside down on a round sphere spinning on an axis, tilted approximately 23 degrees from the sun, which we orbit, along with other significant bodies (planets and stars) all of which have their own orbits and axes, and all of this while we move at tremendous velocity through space and you folks want to argue about money, of which there is a limitless supply? You'd rather kill than share, you seek obedience and prefer punishment. Kindness and abundance and relationship and sharing – these are all very valid options. Difference does not require conflict. Harmony requires difference. I rejoice in our differences! Love all the people.

  4. My cousin is in mid-advanced stage Alzheimer's being treated with medication. He sounds EXACTLY like Joe Biden in this conversation. The obstinace, belligerence, impatience, aggressiveness, low frustration threshold and lack of empathy demonstrated here reveals Joe Biden to be unfit for office.

    This is should be a frightening scenario for anyone with a concern for good governance. The reason it should be so frightening is that the cabal who owns him has the most unapologetically duplicitous, self-aggrandizing monster since Woodrow Wilson in the ondeck circle. THAT'S scarey…and we should ALL be very much afraid.

  5. The Soul of the Nation. He’s been babbling about that since the start of the election cycle. What does that even mean? Does he plan on performing the Rites of Exorcism over D.C? Nations don’t have souls.

  6. Remember. This was NOT a public conference, this was Biden talking privately to 8 people. Imagine someone talking to you like that. Fat lip is what he would get.

  7. This will be the most embarrassing time for the USA, people who thought Trump was bad shouldn't go to bed – because they will be having nightmares… (or buyers remorse) ??‍♂️

  8. Reasonable question at the beginning, he responded with a completely twisted and demented old man angry rant. First he says "I gotta go." His immediate reaction is TOTALLY TRUMP. He doesn't follow it with a reasonable answer to the reasonable and respectful question, a shockingly disrespectful angry rant in which he talks about his greatness while playing the persecuted victim (TOTALLY TRUMP.) For someone who ran on no agenda, just NOT BEING TRUMP, he sure says a whole lot of crazy and arrogant things – THINGS THAT TRUMP WOULD SAY, SAID JUST LIKE TRUMP WOULD SAY THEM. And he manages too insult the f**k out of black people, progressives, and black progressives!

  9. Dems stole that election, courts are too scared to take up the cases because of the threat of left wing violence, we have crossed a threshold, stolen elections was the start of Venezuelas downfall too now we're officially here

  10. We're all such Jerks but thankfully Jimmy has once again pointed out the reality for us. Biden does climate change in 2050.. Won't he be dead? Yeah, but dead people vote so why can't they create policy and influence social change? C'mon man keep up.

  11. I’m black and I’ve given up on trying to reach black people….they’re emotional voters, they don’t think with their heads, they think with their heart…most of them…it’s a waste of time…they take abuse and continue to vote for the same people over and over and over.