Leaked audio of top-secret meeting of Chinese officials reveal shocking plans | National Report

An audio recording, alleged to have been leaked from a top-secret meeting of Chinese military officials, reveals plans for an invasion of Taiwan, reported Richard Kimber, on Monday’s “National Report.”

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  1. The Chinese Communist Gov. Once again wants to steal that which it does not own or create. Taiwan is a sovereign, independent nation run by its people.

  2. Study History. Life magazine covered the duels over Quemoy and Matsu between the (first in time first in equity) government of China (Chinese Nationalists )forced by force of arms
    by the peasant Russian financed and armed Chinese communist murderers Mao and Chou to take refuge in Taiwan.
    The C.C.P. remain a bunch of murderers that have destroyed Chinese culture, murdered millions of its people and do not respect the rule of law.
    They are a criminal gang that owns its own artillery not a legitimate state.

  3. Kabuki Theater.
    What you are seeing is an orchestrated play.
    All the wealth of China is in Australia. They bought it.
    The plan was to destroy the middle class here and in China at the same time.

  4. China will be wiped out by war and economics. America is far more powerful under Trump. I think China wants to move in before America's mid-term election in November. That is what happened in Ukraine since Trump was out of office. While weak Biden was in office a perfect Set up for Putin to attack Ukraine and maybe other countries?

  5. Hahaha yeah right! Xi better be careful here, Biden may force Xi to negotiatea oil deal with Brazil on behalf of the United States and dismantle half of the US Fleet and surrender the other half to China , then brag about how many lives he saved.

  6. The PLA built an exact replica of Taiwanese government buildings so they could train soldiers in preparation for an invasion. They are ready to invade Taiwan and seize the government buildings. This has been known about for years. Xi wants Taiwan so they can take over TSMC and others. TSMC is making the most advanced semiconductors and Xi wants that.

  7. Let's be really clear. 1. The russian invasion was going to happen in 2022 no matter what. Geopolitical analysts have been saying this for years. 2022 is the last year Russia has a military of a large enough of a size to seize the lands they want while keeping their own population under military surveillance.

    2. The CCP is greatly fractured. Xi is up for reelection in October – and he's extremely insulated, meaning, he really has no idea what's happening in his country. The Jiang faction (the president of the CCP 2 presidents ago) HATES Xi and wants to get rid of him at any and all costs. This includes embarrassing Xi to the extreme – Covid lockdowns, student beatings, etc etc. Many believe Jiang's faction is egging Xi into invading Taiwan because they know China can't win. it would be a humiliating defeat for Xi and he couldn't run for reelection.

    This means, the Jiang faction is using the US/Taiwan/Japan as pawns in their own petty power struggle.


  8. China will try every trick – including this one – to absorb Taiwan, except force. They have been following the Ukrainian invasion and you can bet they don't want to wind up in Russia's shoes. I'd bet China couldn't even take Taiwan on it's own, and there's no international appetite for invaders. China's troops are weak, their leadership is corrupt and all their gear is made in China. They are doomed to failure and they know it.

  9. Stop buying anything out of China. The people the left calls racist tried to warn you about this decades ago when democrats first started selling us out to China. Then they put an actual racist in office. Biden.

  10. obiden will draw up and deliver a trillion dollar military relief package to taiwan and when china invades and conquers it will become their property thanks to the American tax payers.

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