LEAKED Call Between Biden and Afghan President Ghani Proves Biden LIED To Save Face

Call between Biden and Ghani

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. He did break the law if he was telling him to lie and make it look good. Would that not fall under that ? That’s deceitful and I would think something he would have to resign for. This and the fact why did they not get the American civilians out before the military ? They come first. That would be an impeachable offense.

  2. I am greatly sadden at the tremendous unnecessary Lisa of life sure to these bogus wars. I reconze that ppl choose to go near and into harms way for 💵. or gov structures poverty and the lack of prosperity to con young ppl to enlist it's a literally a killer jobs program. we could be training or ppl to care due and rebuild or country but what's the profit in that? capitalist should not have a place in vital human services, let them compete to sell phones and tv but not heath care, education and career/skills programs. yes that's revolutionary but needed put capitalist in there place elect servants who will see you the coffee needs of people and watch how the non essential items get handled

  3. I'm sorry, did you actually read the transcript before making this silly video?

    The ONLY thing that's questionable is that Biden wanted the war painted in a more flattering light. Other than that, seems like a normal business call.

  4. "Please lie to everyone about the War in Afghanistan."
    -Joe Biden (basically)
    It's remarkable to me that anyone in America still trusts politicians. They lie as a matter of course – pretty much all of them. Although not all of them arm the Taliban and attack 80 million Americans on the eve of the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

  5. Hi Kim,
    I’m an Afghan and I love your show. Bout if you really like to find out more about Pakistan’s role in this matter you should get in touch with an Afghan YouTuber called Shafi Ayar.
    He presented all the real data and, documents and Video footages.
    He is living in Seattle Washington.

  6. Hangings, shootings, beating women to death… women having essentially no rights… torture… killing christians. Let it be yes at this point but I don’t recognize that as a legitimate government. As a woman living like that seems worse than covid.

  7. Three things the US could adopt that would end US wars of choice:
    1. A pay as you go war tax.
    2. A no-exceptions military draft.
    3. A requirement that Congress must declare war for every military intervention.
    ▪︎You can bet your life that not one of these will ever become law — and you can bet that no person seeing this comment will live to see the day when the US is not at war somewhere in the world.

  8. The fact that we clearly had a deal with the Taliban should tell you that another lie from Biden that 300k Afgan troops will keep the peace was clearly not what they thought would happen. The whole Biden administration is a lie.

  9. Finally found you here… I’m sometimes slooow;) Rising is in Sunset without your balance presence. YOU’re: a REPORTER ~ plying a critical trade of accurate information with minimized advocacy. Thanks. I’ve checked for you in Rumble….

  10. Thank you Kim for always going beneath the surface and reporting with integrity and honesty ❤️‍🔥 really respect everything you are doing right now. You are a breath of fresh air and always look forward to the stories you bring forward in this mad world 🌍

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