LEAKED! Covert Media Propaganda Collusion Exposed.

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  1. We squandered any chance to really test President Trumps America first talk. With legislation that actually put Americans first. But they chose to do what? Stop Trump.

  2. This part of the reason why the British foreign aid budget was tripled shortly after the Conservatives came to power back in 2009.. I swear just follow the money its all there the amount of so called NGO's receiving money from BFAB quadrupled in the following 3 years and continues to expand to this day

  3. The only reason they must keep NATO is so the MIC can continue to sell trillions in arms to just sit & rust in fields in eastern Europe. They know full well Russia will never be invading, they've been taking over Europe with economics, not tanks.

  4. What your saying about the UK we have the same thing here in the US.

    Currently our State Department, CIA, and military are running psychological operations on its citizens and it 100% legal. They are the cause of the left right divide.

    There used to be protections from citizen being propagandized but they were overturned in Obamas second term by both sides of the aisle.

    The 2013 version of the NDAA
    Repealed the Smith Mundt Act (Since 1948) that prohibited the US from propagandizing its people and it also Neutralized the Foreign Authorization Act of 1987. Both of these were in place to protect us.

    Then came the 2016 version of the NDAA which included a provision called Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 which deploys and synchronizes propaganda out of the State Department.

    It even give grants to NGO’s and Think Tanks to do this. So they actually get paid money destroying America.

    No one talks about it except maybe a Ben Swann video a few years ago and now you.

  5. Alex Jones doesn’t seem so out there as much anymore, does he? Sure some of it was outrageous but now some of it is coming to light. He called the whole Epstein thing dead on too.

  6. No surprises. I learned from daddy who was news writer, editor an PR executive. Truth is first thing to go in war. Advertisers influence news…yadda yadda…
    No surprises.

  7. Well , the bad guys still control the mainstream media , so very few people who seek the truth like us will find out about this leak and this whole conspiracy , sad .

  8. "The Russian speaking people of the Donbass". Wow … all of a sudden Max and Jim-Bob are concerned that NATO is being mean to Russian nationalist movements in Ukraine. Um .. so nationalism is a good thing now???

  9. Shouldn't be any surprise to find that US journalists and their employers are collecting fees from certain parts of the US government to promote false flag projects and such.

  10. I'm having trouble even writing emails about these things. They are continually interfered with and in the last one I wrote my text was simply eliminated. Fortunately, expecting this kind of thing I keep another copy of what I am writing elsehwere.

  11. Anyone still watching MSNBC, CNN and other MSM networks is willingly being brainwashed. Some people are just more comfortable being convince of a lie, it's like religion.