Leaked DHS Email CONFIRMS Antifa Is Organized, Media Was Wrong Or Lying, More Rioters Arrested

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  1. @19:00 Let me take Tim's statements even further down the rabbit hole, and let me put on my conspiracy theory (tin foil) hat: Imagine if the US Marshal(s) that shot and killed Reinoehl were actually paid and/or ordered by Democrats/Leftists to do so, or even acted on their own, just to keep Reinoehl from going to trial, as it was politically beneficial for them to keep Reinoehl silent and damaging to their opposition/Trump. Sounds like something from the movies, but it's not out of the realm of possibility…

    Now, let me take off my tin foil hat again and say that I don't actually think that was the case, as the simplest explanation for what happened is that Reinoehl decided suicide by cop was better than life in prison.

  2. Tim reinhold committed suicide by cop. He knew he was going to spend the rest of his life in a supermax. If you think the cops need to take an armed murderer into custody (one who wants to die at that) without any shooting go arm yourself with a social worker and bring him in yourself.

  3. It's almost like these rioters knew it was going to happen before it did. I wonder what would be found if we looked into the family of the man who ran with the knife. Might they suddenly be very rich within the next few months. Possibly through a go fund me, with an awful lot of random prepaid credit card donations.

  4. You make the assumption that shit bag would have cooperated. He is better off dead, now we dont have to support him in prison for life. The proof is out there on video. Eye for an eye

  5. How is "are they organized" even still a question at this point? Ffs they've appeared in Multiple cities across the world in multiple countries, umm hello. Not only are they organized they also have all the characteristics of sleeper cells walking up

  6. poor Tim, always about 2 months behind the smart kids in the class….he hasn't figured out that Antifa has trained side by side with ISIS and uses their tactics (see latest Q drop photos)- there is a reason why DOJ doesn't negotiate with terrorists. he would have never allowed himself be paraded out in front of the media by Trump and the DOJ.

  7. 16:15 Bullsh!t, Timmy. We DO know that subhuman was Antifa. I'm not sad one iota that he's a worm buffet. The only way out of this Marxist insurrection is to k!LL our way out. They're committed and won't stop.

  8. michelle goldberg should go back to where she came from , see if she likes that better , or better yet where her parents came from. she thinks that helping the left will protect her , but if the left won god forbid , she would be among the many that get executed right off the bat or thrown into a labor camp.

  9. This isnt conspiracy neither is Q. Now dont get me wrong there are some q supporters who have added and elaborated and placed their own opinions but that isnt Q nor does it make Q not valid nor conspiracy it makes that specific supporter one. Q (all I have researched) a chan 4 chan the drops have all been correct and have exposed future events that came to pass we got info before MSM.

  10. I’ve always wondered why they can’t disable the suspect -aim for ankles or knees -suspect can’t run but stays alive? On the other hand -guess you’d have to be a super sharp and fast shooter ?

  11. Tim, if you’re going to do this you’re going to need to start paying attention to the etymology of terms. It’s really very important. More so than most are aware.

  12. Remember when the answer to police misconduct was body cams? Now we have body cam footage of a maniac who has previously stabbed people chasing a cop with a knife and it still doesn't satisfy them. Body cams are great but if you're just going to dismiss any evidence the cams aren't really making a difference.

  13. Tim and friends, I normally cringe at plugging companies, but there is a conservative apparel company called “The Left Is Dead” with designs inspired by the riots, etc. I just bought a shirt that calls out the rioting and looting and kind of looks like the BLM logo. They also have a pro-police shirt that I ordered. They have a bunch of fresh designs which is rare. Most the time its cheesy graphics that I would never be caught dead wearing.

    With this election being so important and the Far Left going insane, it’s important to fly your flag and share your position with people around you. Plus, you don’t find that many conservative apparel companies so I’m impressed.

  14. No it is better to blow him away. Everyone already knows it was Antifa. Trials prove nothing because Hillarous is still free proof there is no law for the innocence in America.

  15. Death for death is the only justice. Tim you are an idiot. Everyone saw Hillarous break laws even Biden stuck his hand up a woman's vagina and men have gone to jail on just a woman's words when they did nothing. You fool there are no laws on the left. Stop being naive.

  16. I have been listening to you for the last couple of months now and I cannot stop. You use such sound logic I find it difficult to disagree. I am a moderate republican with a few strong conservative views but have a few that could be considered liberal. Your views align with mine own in many ways I guess in some ways I am a classical liberal as you define yourself.

  17. Of course theyre lying, after the last 3 years of nothing but Russian collusion , you haven't grasped that yet, they will do ANYTHING to further THEIR agenda and lie about anyone who opposes them.