LEAKED Emails: Booker, Sanders’ Staff SPAR Over Letter Denouncing Sinema ‘BATHROOMGATE’

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky react to leaked emails between Senators Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders’ staff.

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  1. I’m not sure why Bernie Sanders matters?
    As I recall when he could’ve proven Hillary as
    cheating against him… He took the pay off!
    However someone following me to the bathroom with video would be a Throwdown!!
    I’d like to see the chic filming being followed on video while in the bathroom!! It’s Never understood when it happens to you.

  2. I wish Ryan Grim would stop talking out of both sides of his mouth calling the activist foolish every time this is brought up. Sinema deserves to be uncomfortable everywhere she goes for what she's done to people. It's giving oxygen to what is transparently a right wing talking point to police how activists keep up action rather than out of any genuine concern.

  3. For Emily’s sake – the left consists of progressives & corporate Dems. corporate Dems take dark money & take money from corporations & billionaires. Progressives don’t. Booker & Sanders are both the “Left” the way McConnell & McCain are the “Right”. They are wildly different if you know how much policy matters.

  4. You have to give it to Ryan Grim man. He manages to out slimeball himself once a week at least. This time, it’s by accusing The Senator of planning the whole thing and baiting the protester into the bathroom. Lol

  5. The price tag has nothing to do with it…? Where did that come from? That is sooo low in comparison of what things should be. It just so many are bought off and more clearly as of lately both sinema and manchin. 500k from the fossil fuel industry right to manchin.

  6. Bad players here, bad players there, and some more over there. That is bad.
    But we guess “it’s just a function of human nature and isn’t going to be fixed any time soon.”
    Wonderful! Problem laid out and then dismissed with an offhand triviality!
    Do you want intelligent people to take you seriously?
    Or is your program to make people more peaceful and stupider than they already are?
    Did you know that the word “sincere” means “same or one” and points to a unified attention or concentration on one thing only?
    Are you sincere? If you think so then prove it and stop this nonsense! Jesus Christ the world is literally on fire, and you are playing silly word games! Stop it!

  7. As much as I am ANTI-Democrat, this was wrong. Harassment is exactly what this is. As well as Stalking. She was elected by the People and a trust came along with that. You don't get to Intimidate someone and force them to vote the way you want them to. I applaud her for standing up for what she Believes even if she is the only one, or two. More people would vote the same she is but some people are Leaders and Some Follow what others do, or the majority. So for the first time ever, ( and Probably the last) , I am Proud of this Democrat.

  8. In the rest of the 1st world and some parts of the rest, Sanders and Booker would be considered centrists. Biden et al are right wing. Trump and then Biden gave a budget with a big Israel boost, a separate billion dollars and another 3.5 billion dollars last month. Trump had an ambassador to Russia. Biden kept him.

  9. This is not embarrassing. All these people are heroes, and need to be acknowledged and celebrated as such. Except of course all those who are not doing what they being told to do obviously.

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