Leaked Emails PROVE Democrats Covered Up Low Covid Numbers Which Could have Undermined Lockdown

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  1. I haven't been letting anyone dictate what I do since this started. My MOM tried to make me wear a mask in her work she was the only employee to say something to me so I left and haven't been back. It's my life haven't masked up except when in a hospital and in my wife's school until we got to the classroom. Just don't let them control you, screw Karen and Ken ????

  2. You'd think by now that Tim would have figured out that this is a PLANdemic. They cannot move forward with their Great Reset with Trump in office. This is a HOAX people. Plain and simple.

  3. CDC posted a comorbidities page two weeks ago. 6% of the number died from CV. Everyone else died of things like Sepsis, Cardiac Arrest, ingesting poison etc… the real number is about 10,700. Japan ended it's state of emergency on May 26. NY and Cali are still conducting this farce. The problem now is CV is so politicized people can not divorce their belief in the virus from their party loyalty. People WANT it to be real so it takes out the president. They have put party before country.

  4. They did this to force ppl to depend or get use to depending on their government to pay their bills this is down right criminal and all these mayors should be charged w high treason. There where more lives lost to mental health drug over does suicide and of course the riots then there where lost w covid. They teleased criminals and put honest tax payers in jail for trying to work. When did these politicians become above the law? We the ppl need to demand their resignation like BLM demanded defending the police! This needs to end!

  5. I'm sorry but I'm sitting here thinking about what it would be like if things calmed back and we went back to normal. Could we really go back to normal without these people paying for their crimes politicians included?

  6. It's partially to undermine Trump by tanking the economy and then relying on the public's lack of knowledge of the constitution and their control of news sources to blame him for the failings, but i think it is mainly to scare/beat people into compliance for mandatory mail-in voting and other governmental control measures. Tim lives here in South Jersey (He has plainly stated this multiple times, no dox) and has witnessed this first-hand with the actions of Murphy.

  7. The Wigs fell because they couldn't decide if blacks were things or people

    The Wigs were replaced by the creation of the Republican party.

    This party saw Blacks as people, and took up the challenge of ending slavery.

    The Democrats stayed their course and the fruit of their tree has came to full fruition

    Democrats have categorized us by skin color, so we can be easily stacked as things.

    Now that we've been placed in the disgusting things category;

    any level of human exploitation can occur, and a course you can see it has already started.

    At a glance, you can't see me as people, just a white thing, Why dig further?

    This is align with democratic history and current philosophy .

    Ask yourself, why is California trying to repeal the civil liberties that the conservative

    judges blessed them with in the 60s?

    Right now we are still people, we must stand as PEOPLE, before we become THINGS!

    United we Stand, Divided we fall!

  8. Simple TIm, look at the damage Tam does to Canada…She is also a board member of The WHO….so when the vote to lock down and inspect chinas wuhan region came up…why wont canada tell us what tehy voted? and did Tam vote "for canadians" or for her Bosses at the WHO? Important questions of political bias within top levels. Canada is one step off dicatatorship this year. And n one is watching because orange man bad.