LEAKED: Pentagon Wants Ukraine Peace Deal NOW!

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. If Russia withdraws its troops you know it's because they're going to drop some bombs where the troops are. They're not leaving not because the Ukraine military pushed them back.

  2. that dude may be the sole voice in lamerica saying that Russia wants talks, but he's still completely wrong. There's no way in hell Russia would now, after referendums and all this bloodshed, want to go back to 2014 deal. For starters, Russians would lynch Putin if he just gave up Donbas, Herson and Zaporožje. In fact, people would be furious if war stops before Odessa is part of Russia.

    It is obvious to Russian establishment that Zelenski, can't/won't negotiate, no matter what, so they've given up on that. They have bombing electrical infrastructure, every few days, they knock it out, Ukros rush and fix it, Russians observe where Ukros are going and what they're doing, and then boom, they knock it out again. At this point, Russians have pretty good idea on how to shut down electricity to entire Ukraine for days, if not months on end.

    By late december, all mobilized troops will be ready, Russia has seemingly endless supplies of weapons (war has been going on for 9 months, and all the while lamerica media was coping that Russia is just about running out of weapons, and every little thing was interpreted as a sign of that, but, no, Russia is dropping bombs like salt, and they're making more every day since war started.

    When Russian troops are finally ready, mid december, when ironically lamerican white house thinks there will be a freeze in the weather, cause they somehow think Russians can't fight in winter, even tho they actually train beyond arctic circle, but, hey, if you trust anything lamericans are saying "I have a bridge to sell you".

    Anyway, as Russian troops, armed to the teeth, are finally ready, winter will also join the battle, Russians will flick the switch and leave Ukro civilians with no means of heating themselves. Everyone, even the poor people, will pack up, and move, either to Poland, or most likely to Russia (Russia did take the most of refugees from Ukraine) leaving what? Leaving

    Ukrainian army that is decimated, unequipped, in deserted cities with barely any civilians left, in other words, nothing for ukros to use as shields in fight against Russia, and, Russian force in full might, both in terms of soldiers, and machines. The odds are, war will be done before spring.

    It's perfect storm brewing and anyone who thinks Russia

    1) wants to go back to 2014 deal,
    2) will, or needs, or wants, or considers, using nukes,
    3) thinks war will freeze with winter

    is an effng you know what, and should have his, or hers, palm, surgically stitched to their forehead

    people never read history the jump on band wagons………..NATO PROVOKED RUSSIA for the world bankers, WEF'' to destroy putin cause he will not join the great banker controled reset………….

  4. jimmy if it were economics they would not be destroying the US economy.. this is WEF, the world bankers,
    they have already lost half the human population with BRICS, IT IS NOT JUST PUTIN fighting the WEF….
    are you afraid to say what it is?

  5. The original plan was to put economic hurt on Russia and to profit by it. As that has proved too difficult, the US now wants to put the economic hurt on Europe — and to profit by it. It is like the medieval king who finds he is not strong enough to plunder his enemy. He then turns and plunders his own peasants instead.

  6. Jimmy talk with Scott Ritter. He is the most experienced military intelligence professional independent observer of this war. He’s been speaking and writing and interviewed by Ron Paul and others you quote. Ritter knows exactly what the politicians have pushed us all into. Mate is basically correct but please get Ritter on your show so your audience finds him. Before some accident triggers a nuclear holocaust. Russia isn’t going to base its decisions on more political narratives that dismiss the history Ritter knows very well since he gave his entire career to war strategy and intelligence and could be the most qualified voice for PEACE in reality

  7. I bet the Ukrainians know what it's like to fight Russia. It's amazing to see how many people are thinking about diplomacy and giving parts of Ukraine to Russia as a reward for Russia invading.

    Like that's not a very dangerous president to set in this case. If the US was invaded and other nations were saying that maybe we should negotiate and maybe give up Texas, we'd say go f*ck yourself. Ukraine gets to decide when it's time to negotiate, and we should help them or not.

    No.. The WAR did not start with the U.S. backed coup. That coup was in Ukraine, not Russia. Russia decided to intervene, just like we always do and when we do that there are any number of people RIGHTLY saying that that is WRONG. Why don't we call it wrong when Russia does it?

    The bottom line is that Russia invaded a sovereign country and Russia needs to leave.

  8. Biden said he wants regime change in Russia. It's the only thing he said that I believe, besides that we are going to have another pandemic and that there will be food shortages. You guys are playing checkers…

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