LEAKED RECORDING: Glenn Druery Sells a Seat in Parliament for $55k

LEAKED: Glenn Druery ‘The Preference Whisperer’ offers to ‘sell’ a seat in VIC Parliament for $55k.

He details how he has successfully installed ‘exectives from airlines, a divorced mother, a former prostitute, taxi drivers, school teachers, accountants, a grave digger, all kinds of people’ into parliaments in Australia over 25 years.

Raw video provided to Discernable by the Angry Victorians Party. Call recorded 1 Nov 2022. This is video 4 of 6.

Written by Discernable


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  1. Can anyone please share their opinions on Glen because I don't know what to think about him and I need more information. I know I can't stand Fiona and some of the installations but please don't hold back

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