Leaked Text PROVES CNN’s Jake Tapper Lied And Tried To Influence Congressional Election

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  1. Also [as a Fox viewer I know] when the show is live and pre-recorded spots are included, you can see the LIVE banner no longer says live; any thinking person can see that, it's not hidden.

  2. Democrats hate Trump the most because he doesn't start wars and doesn't send military bodies back home in caskets by the thouands every week. Democrats love war and blood and sex.
    If Trump invaded a new country Democrats would have hourly collective orgams.

  3. Why I am Voting Trump.

    1)Trump signs Farm Bill and legalizes hemp,
    2) Trump signs 'right to try' drug bill.
    3) Trump administration unveils program to provide HIV prevention drugs for uninsured.
    4) President Donald J. Trump Has Championed Reforms That Are Providing Hope to Forgotten Americans.
    5) U.S. Poverty Rate Hits Lowest Level Since 2001.
    6) Job Market Continues to Crush Expectations in 2020.
    7) Senate confirms fifth openly gay ambassador under Trump.
    8) President Donald J. Trump Has Made it a Priority to Combat the Heinous Crime of Human Trafficking.
    9) Trump Targets Anti-Semitism
    10) U.S. Companies' Repatriated Cash Hits $1 Trillion Under Tax Law.
    BONUS) Nazi death camp guard arrested by ICE, deported to Germany: Authorities.
    Trump signs into law genocide prevention act.
    Trump promise next term.

    Vote Trump plsylist


  4. Would this be an in-kind contribution to Democratic Party, Lamb's campaign to be specific.

    I wonder if his campaign itemized & reported it as such.

  5. Finally Tim!! Jake Tapper has worked for Democrats in Washington all his life until he began to work for CNN. Tapper is supposed to be a positive person for Veteran's also, but I guess not if your a Republican!!

  6. Why shouldn't cnn have sometthing to do with it? They have, long since, jettisoned any pretence of being non-partisan; so why not express their unswerving support for the democrats?

  7. The Lying Lapdog Media, Entertainers, Professional Athletes, Activist Disguised as Politicians are doing everything they can to stoke violence and division in this Nation.
    The constant stream of Lies, Propaganda and Gas Lighting being deployed on the American Populace is beyond the pale.
    Below is why they're able to do this and face no repercussions from the FCC that used to regulate so called "News".
    At what point are they going to be held accountable and stopped from doing this all in an effort to bring down the President.
    The answer will come in November as the upcoming election is the only thing stopping Patriots right now.
    We all are fed up and tired of the Seditious and Treasonous Acts we see today but are not falling for the bait.
    The election is the only way that many see as our last chance at a peaceful solution to what we see going on today.
    So after the election One Way or Another, this ends…

  8. Hey Tim you need to check your news better three more arrested in Washington and Oregon who are affiliated with antifa who have actually said they were sent out to set fires

  9. If there wasn't a Fox news there would be no CNN. When was the last time they did any original reporting? I miss the old vice news days… This is a huge gap in our news that any organization today could take advantage of but they're too busy knocking over sandcastles.

    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡ಠ_ಠ)̲̅$̲̅]

  10. Tapper lost any shred of credibility not long after he joined CNN. He proved to me he was utterly corrupt when he insisted that Trump called White Supremacists "Good people" in Charlottesville despite them having the video where he expressly didn't. He's no better than Stelter or Lawrence O'Donnell now.