LEAKED TEXTS Show Even DEEPER CNN Corruption | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at the newly leaked texts between CNN executives showing even deeper corruption than previously known in their coverage of former NY Gov Andrew Cuomo, the brother of former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo

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  1. If Krystal and Saagar would even occasionally call out the right wing media I would believe that this is just concern about corruption in the media but there is never any conversation or attack on the right wing media being corrupt it is only focused on the left-wing media. This show is a right wing media outlet only.

  2. Replacing existing journalistic institutions with viewer funded news organization like this is needed. Let TV traditional main stream monply newstations to die slow & painful.

  3. If politicians have meetings it should be streamed to the public…..There should be no secrets because they work for us.
    Can you imagine having employees that are having secret meetings about your company? The USA should be run like a business
    That is owned by the American people.

  4. Your reporting is truly great! two things get back on Rogan as a true news source….you will get tons more hits now:) also for us could you explain a bit how the dollar is backed by oil etc…I think that may help us..ty!

  5. When CNN covered the missing plane that flew out of Asia and lost in the ocean non stop for weeks.. I was done with that network.. now I do not even have cable its all TRASH.😃

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