LEAKED VIDEO: CNN Director ADMITS Climate Change The Next ‘Pandemic Like Story’

Project Veritas undercover video shows a CNN Technical Director explaining the network’s plan to inflate climate change in order to scare viewers.

President Joe Biden gestures as he board Air Force One for a trip to Somerset, Mass., to speak about climate, Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. (AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe)
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  1. They are not reporting news anymore…..they are creating news…and forcing their bent …down our throats…liked it bettter when news was reported and I am given credit and the intelligence to sort the reported facts

  2. We have heat waves like this every year. Do people not remember this? This is also following the coolest spring/early summer in decades for much of the country.

  3. The climate is not changing it controlled. Could seeding is a known fact Scientists on Nat geo even said they can make it rain. Do you really think they cant do the opposite ???

  4. If FOX news was ever caught saying "our mission is to get Biden out of office", EVERY media outlet would make that a headline, focus on it for months and even try to see if there was legal action that can be taken. It's disgusting that people belong to cults and make it part of their job, then hide behind false narratives when busted.

  5. If you are watching this video the impact you and everyone you know has is like .001% whereas these people taking private jets everywhere make more of an impact in one year than we will in our entire lifetime. And should we even mention the amount of pollution China is producing quarterly compared to the US?? Or Africa??? It literally doesn’t matter what we do when these countries are going scorched earth on their environment.

  6. I just typed in his name and climate change into Google search. The same page warning about results changing quickly that came up when I typed in Hunter Biden Leaks!

  7. and this is why people don't trust mainstream media anymore!!! they failed with covid, and now they are doing it again using a non-existent problem called climate change!!! listen, you lying globalist hacks from the WEF!!! the earth does not need saving, especially from liars, hypocrites, marxists and communists trying to use a scientific issue for their political gain!!! this is never about saving the earth…
    this is about taking the farmer's lands, pushing that green agenda, making us weaker by forcing us and the industries rely on very, very, very, weak sources of energy like wind or solar- both utterly underdeveloped to take the place of reliable fossil fuels and nuclear energy!!!
    so much talk of reducing carbon footprints while you billionaires travel in jets and private helicopters, have gigantic mansions that use more energy per day than what we common folk use in a year, having stocks in oil and nuclear companies, and most of you earn huge profits from or use products coming from acres of forests felled by your very companies every year!!! how's that for hypocrisy?!
    the Earth does not need help from communists like you, WEF!!! Earth can repair itself like it has been doing so for the past 50,000 years!!!

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