Leaks expose massive Western propaganda op in Syria proxy war

Pushback with Aaron Maté

A trove of leaked UK government documents exposes a massive propaganda network used to shape the media narrative during the Syrian proxy war. Western government-funded intelligence cutouts trained Syrian opposition leaders, planted stories in media outlets, ran a cadre of journalists, and whitewashed the jihadist militants armed, trained and supported by the US, UK, Turkey and Gulf monarchies.

“Every very single aspect of the [Syrian] opposition was micromanaged by these western government contractors,” says The Grayzone’s Ben Norton. “It’s probably the largest propaganda war that’s ever been waged in history.”

Guest: Ben Norton, Assistant Editor of The Grayzone.

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  1. PS: Skilled Propagandists convinced 200 million Americans that nicotine was healthy. That the country burning down around them has nothing to do with what the world calls Greenhouse gas/climate change! But the topper is either RussiaGate or Democrat primary rigging!

  2. These governments (I'm in the U.K.) have crumbling economies with homelessness and hunger on a exponential rise and yet instead of getting to grips with their own problems they would rather waste much needed money to destroy another country. They are disgusting and should be disposed of.

  3. MI6 et al using more funds to finance a news gathering consortium in a warzone – than most news agencies in the UK pay their own staff and offices? That's is enlightened behaviour from a state that has jailed journalists for telling the truth

  4. Imagine if powerful aliens supported Timothy McVeigh and like minded militants while at the same time destabilizing the country and undermining the government.

  5. Nueva caravana de migrantes sale de Honduras en plena pandemia – Honduran TV – their skin tone comes from their indigenous and or African roots – Hillary and Obama‘s Neoliberalization and privatization of Honduras and installation of fascist dictator JOH is an utter failure for the Hondurans – it is only a success for Wall Street rentier capitalism, the vampire of the world and especially the global south.

    Honduras is a palm oil plantations vassal garrison state of the United States rentier capitalist hegemony – it’s really three palm oil oligarchs whom pay (donate) Washington to install dictators in these countries to keep their profits only slightly higher in many cases – that’s the grim truth of it.

  6. Notice when the mercenaries were fighting for the benefit of the U.S, they were dubbed as freedom fighters, free Syrian army, rebels.
    When they realized what's actually happening and decided against the U.S, they were dubbed as "terrorists"/ ISIL/ ISIS" to slander and demonize Islam and for political purpose. (Senator McCain Lied About Meeting with ISIS Leader) (When John Mccain Met Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIL Leader) (The Day when Treasonous Senator John McCain snuck across the Syrian border to aid ISIS) (John McCain secret meeting with ISIL/ ISIS/ DAESH, notice how the news media label ISIS as "rebels"?) (Inside McCain's secret trip to Syria (ISIL dubbed as Free Syrian Army, Freedom Fighters)

  7. Yes they were in Syria 4 ever since early colonial days when VATICAN Rome made friends with the sons of Ishmael/arabs Muslim brotherhood and the oil boom the west needed and ratchilds warbergz rockerfelonie and the other western colonizer gangsters all wanted control, like henry kisshisownarse said??‍♂️Control the food???and you control the people?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍??‍??‍??‍♂️???‍♂️?‍♀️.. Control the oil??⛽and you control nations?????????⛰✊?????????