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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. @LouisRossmann here in Scotland there are thousands of Hong Kong people buying up all the houses on the market, $150k houses selling for $500k to $800k because the Hong Kong people are wealthy and looking for a way to get their money spread across the world and out of reach of China which is busy tightening the noose, so that they can just go if and when they get hold of travel permits or manage to escape in any way when their "British dependency" passports are declared worthless and void (bathroom paper) by China (which is taking control of the police, customs and state apparatus in Hong Kong) which has already been threatened, the banks and mortgage companies in the UK have just announced(declared) that the new minimum average house price in Britain is £250,000 ($380,000) this is the starting price for a basically tiny 1 bedroom in a crime hot-spot in a 120 year old asbestos riddled run down hasnt had any renovation in 70 years dive of a building.. the price for the worst housing a year ago for something like this was about £60,000/$78,000 and a nice house started at about £200k/$260k…
    An average 3 bedroom now starts at around £500k/ $650k for a basic small place somewhere undesirable/in a bad area..

    Good luck getting a house with a sensible mortgage, because foreigners are buying everything up with open check books and offering way over the starting /offers over price just because they can..

    There are Hong Kong people buying 10 and 15 houses each as a form of investment to get their money safe from confiscation/seizure and they are looking to flee, move into one house and rent the rest out for a decent income..

    The same thing that has been happening in new York for years..

  2. I just moved out of NJ. It's a filthy, overpriced, corrupt shithole. Unsustainable summer/ gambling economy. All the property is owned and monopolized. Never seen a building get built there or any improvements be made to property that isn't a $1mil+ shore house. Glad to be out and glad to finally know just why it was so bad.

  3. Jesus, I fell asleep and woke back up and he's still talking about how crappy my state is…

    It gets even worse depending on which county bro. Keep looking or accept it for the overpriced blend of NYPhilly that it is

  4. Thank you Mr. Rossmann I’m glad you came out with this commentary the people realize what really goes on here I retired a couple years ago and I don’t have enough money to get out of this state is fully corrupt it doesn’t pay to live here so if anybody things moved from New York to New Jersey is the best thing they’re wrong because I was born in New York and I made the mistake of moving to New Jersey why do I regret it thanks again

  5. From what I understand you will pay even more taxes now regardless of where you move, my input, set whatever cash you can aside and expand.. means your regular bill payer is still functioning and the up and coming business you have in Ohio for instance can increase..

  6. I see a pattern with Blue states that need to make up differences in budget shortfalls and these promises made to fully fund pensions to state workers. What's better is they let the unions vote in the people that will toe-the-line and continue to keep pension costs low to those that directly it directly benefit from it. The states (California) raise levies and bond measures that are supposed to make the school systems better, but are in fact are a stop gap to continue union appeasement and assure reelection while funding the current pension crisis. responsibility and just move the decimal on the computer for the National Debt. Trap fund bailouts for states may have played a key role in the election this year, or maybe not. But if it smells like shit and tastes like shit… .spit it the fuck out. Maybe legalize meth, cocaine, and heroine along with marijuana… I'm sure there are a lot of junkies that would be willing to the balance the budget with a 30-40% tax on narcotics and it takes the burden off the police and prison's to enforce laws that deem them illegal. Btw I don't agree that its a good idea, but I realize at 40+ my opinion is antiquated. Anyway, take care and I enjoy the content on your channel so keep up the good work.

  7. > Human cities have finally proven to be a failure
    > Quick let's move to another city, it will surely be better there

    What is it with people flogging to cities where you can't spend a day without seeing other people that you dont even know?

  8. Property tax – you pay for nothing in return. Anyone introducing property tax should be shot in the back of the head, cut into pieces and then dumped into the trashcan. We already pay income tax, VAT, trash, electricity, water, heating, gas, etc. – they also contain VAT and also other taxes. If you build you house, you pay income tax, you buy land (tax), you buy construction equipment (VAT), you pay for work (tax). If you get mortgage, you also pay % each month. Where is all that money ? This creates heaven for rich assholes and mafia who hoard apartments for sole purpose of renting – they will offload any taxes to the people who rent the property. If you're not rich basically you're screwed. Same crap happens with electric cars – if you have the money to buy electric car+house+private parking space, you can pass all the peasants waiting in the traffic using bus lanes.

  9. I think I now understand how USans feel when EUans talk about income taxes. I've lived in Italy and Germany, and property taxes for a normal house are usually in the hundreds of euros per year.

  10. Now I've heard everything. You're concerned about people who own property that generates a $30,000 annual property tax assessment and also have zero income? Your idea would lead to wealthy landowners simply squatting on the most desirable parcels of land. You are all complaints and zero solutions.

  11. If you spend more than 50k on a house you're getting ripped off. What is a house, just some studs pipe, wire, a few windows and roof shingles. There is no reason to go into so much debt.

  12. I mean… I don't even find land property tax es evil as you do: land is a finite resource that citizens have to share. So, it makes some sense to tax ownership, to discourage individuals from appropriating a too large amount of inhabitable ground. But it must be proportional to the scarcity of land, and USA don't look like they don't have enough land for everybody

  13. You voted for a socialist dreamland that will collapse in a couple of years. South Park brought it a couple of years ago. Everything will be Jersey.Sleepy Joe cant remember what you told him 5 min ago.

  14. In Australia we don't have property taxes , you do pay land rates to the local council, say for a 600 k house you could pay anywhere from 1200 per annum, to 4200 per annum, for high end of town

  15. Hey Louis, idk if my previous comments have hit where ive wanted them but. Im currently an AirForce employed electrical techician and am willing to promote and support your business as well as work for your business.

  16. If Democrats gain power, one of their first steps will be to fully restore the tax deductions that forced the whole country to subsidize states like New Jersey, New York and California. These are known as SALT deductions.

  17. 49:55 you don't take the money from their bank account, you seize their rental properties, give a discount to the tenants and divert the rent into public coffers.

  18. The property taxes are there to stop land hoarding for cash rich but technically low income is inherited wealth etc… If it was my city sim, I'd make the pension scheme more affordable long term, replace property taxes with land value taxes that were a bit lower for the average Joe, acreate/increase tax on business profits and capital gains to levels of what income tax are… Then tweak that rate a bit lower to an optimal once some actual money comes in

  19. Business is one thing, but as far as buying a house goes, most houses today are built like fema trailers. Why would anyone want to trap themselves to paying for the mass manufactured plastic toy version of a home that will likely start crumbling around them just as they retire? I mean, if you're going to be paying property taxes, why not look into idk…property? Then you can build a solid home that you won't have to watch time decimate…