Leaving Parliament Melbourne WERFF 5.0

Melbourne November 20th 2021 Worldwide Rally For Freedom 5.0. Parliament to Flagstaff Gardens

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. Protest all you want it will change nothing. Your government doesn’t give a single shit about what the people want. Freedom isn’t free want you freedom back? Then take action. We need peaceful civil disobedience, like the truckies stop working or, everyone blocks all the highways and rail roads in the entire country, shut down every single port in the country, refuse to pay any taxes in mass, hit the politicians where they live in their pocketbooks , force the military to step in , remove the government and hold elections. Do not count of the Governor General, that person is in on the racket. After elections arrests and Nuremberg trials 2

  2. Thanks to the beautiful people of Australia for peacefully protesting against tyranny and apartheid. We will prevail. We all need to keep sharing this footage and others like it to all those who are brainwashed by MSM.

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