Lee Kuan Yew’s Prophetic Insights On Afghanistan In 2009

As the concerning effects of USA’s withdrawal from Afghanistan grip the world, a 2009 interview featuring the late MM Lee Kuan Yew discussing the issue resurfaces.

Find out what he had to say about US involvement in Afghanistan.

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  1. suspended freedom from random search and seizure, give government goons (law industry) freedom to kill with impunity and transfer $8,000,000,000,000.00 from taxpayers to inside traders. It achieved exactly what it was designed to achieve.

  2. I like when he said 'thats their problem. why would you want to make it your problem?'
    What I dont like is that the "US" cant tell the truth about why theyre there. Its either the opium and or the minerals/metals.. The US doesnt give a shit about how well the people are governed beyond how well it facilitates the economic agenda. Aside from that I say let the people there work out their nations or regions problems … We got problems here and we won't tolerate an occupying military arbitrating our solutions.

  3. I never really see much about Singapore but I remember when I was in art school learning that it was one of if not THE most technologically advanced countries… I also remember being impressed by high rise buildings that had natural airflow based cooling systems instead of AC… thats my kind of place… One day I will visit… and maybe stay..

  4. LEEKY the GOAT. All the hallmarks of intelligence are shown by him here: the ability to listen keenly, the ability to draw tenable distinctions (I.e. I’m not saying Middle East is a distraction but trying to make a country out of Afghanistan is), the ability to demarcate clearly what one knows and what one doesn’t, and the ability to only proffer opinions on the former.

    By contrast, Rose looks so foolishly arrogant beside him. You can’t solve every problem in this world. History has proven LEEKY right on this.

  5. LYK turned a swamp into one of the wealthiest states in the world in little under a century. Testament to the fact that good governance is what creates stability. You could throw trillions of more dollars at Afghanistan and it would never come close to a Singapore or USA.

  6. You know US knew what he is talking about but they could not have just pulled out, that would harm the image of the superpower but to their credit they poured in billions of dollars in Afghan government but whether it was for keeping the face when pulling out or genuine help to build somewhat of a system is another discussion.

  7. The US establishment has never been about "solving world's problem", according to Kissinger's doctrine, the US "manage" problems and not solve them, and the reality is that many problems in the world have been created by the US establishment to pave the way for the greedy rich cocks*ckers that are in charge.

  8. Only dumb countries go fight afghanistan tribes.
    china under tang dynasty was defeated in the 8th century
    uk was defeated in the 19th century in 4 wars
    russia was defeated in 1989 after fighting for 9 years
    america was defeated in August 2021 after spending $2,200,000,000,000 and 20 years of fighting

    Why was china, united kingdom, russia, america doing in far off afghanistan in the first place , unless these countries enjoy blood sports?

  9. Lee Kuan Yew could have handled his foreign policy department better if he had stuck to the values of the Fabian Society of which he was a member once.
    His nation was expelled from the Socialist International for not introducing the financial security ( social security) program.

    May be it was Lee's destiny, a law graduate of oxford disrespecting international laws in the matter of East Timor in 1975.
    His best years in leadership was between 1954 and 1963 when he took on the extremists and won.
    Between sept 1963 and august 1965 when singapore was part of the federation of malaysia, he drove Prime Minister Tengku to the limit. After that Tengku basically said " take your singapore and leave."
    We want peace in Malaysia.

  10. The anchor made a fool of himself arguing with the most eminent head of the state. the head of the smallest city state did the right thinking whereas the heads of the largest democracy were behaving like immature children.

  11. I mean, seriously, why don't we clone him and let him run the entire world? Everyone except the military industrial complex would probably be far better off.

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