“Left Speechless” Journalist Drops FACTS About Pandemic During CBS Panel! Then CBS Edited Her OUT!


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  1. Here's more or less how many teens in high school are described: animals. Why? Because they spent a year and a half outside of any form of socialization. It's not all of them by far but there are plenty that behave as though socializing, following rules, is something new to them.

  2. You are 1000% right! Now, they're vaxing the one she group who had the lowest mortality percentage. What are those same kids going to think if they get vaxxed, and get a breakthrough case of covid. Just one more lie to deal with!

  3. Wouldn't be no carjackings at 12 and 15 if those asses were tanned when the kids were 2 and 5. Not the most PC thing to say–like I GAWS, honestly–but when the Bible even says if you spare that rod (done by daddy around, tyvm!), you're in for 18+ yrs. with a spoiled monster. Beating his or herlittle tush when warranted won't kill the child, trust; I'm a walking stat the aforementioned works FJB.

  4. Walked around maskless in Best Buy today in So-Cali, where Gov. Gavin Newsome has declared a 100% mask policy. Nobody asked me to put on a mask and if anyone had, I'd have told 'em to pound sand. RESIST.

  5. Didn’t New York just mandate vax passes for children? Americans are suffering from a sickness… a bit like Austrians and Germans… so scared, they’re willing to sacrifice their children even if the kids have nothing to fear from Covid….

  6. Boomers don't care about anyone but themselves. This is all for their own personal benefits. I've never seen a more ruthless and hateful generation of people in my life.

    Boomer: "The mask is to protect others."

    Everyone else: You mean you.

    Boomer: "The vaccine is to help others."

    Everyone else: You mean YOU. Neither one helps and f*** you.

    Well boomers and anyone else that actually believes people that have not and will not lose anything by destroying the economy and ruining lives. They've got everything they need and none have done without. As long as it doesn't affect them they do not care. Also the places really hit by the coof are densely populated urban areas. The burbs and rural areas haven't been hit because we don't live on top of one another. Some of the measures taken may make sense in those heavily populated areas, but they make zero sense everywhere else. Once again what is good for Chicago, New York, and California is rarely if ever good for everywhere else. The sad part is that they are calling the shots for the rest of us. To them no one exists outside of those areas. There's a whole huge country in between. I'll leave with a few things to think about:

    The poke doesn't stop from contracting or spreading.

    There's no real data on how beneficial it is if you have the poke and catch the coof.

    It's still in experimental stages. It's also irreversible. 99.9% survival rate. Meaning you have more of a chance of having negative long lasting effects from the poke that you do death.

    Why is it poke and nothing else? No other treatments are prohibited.

    Why are we letting these people control our lives?

  7. Let me preface this by saying that in NO WAY am I making excuses for the bullshit lockdowns, BUT;

    Kids are extremely resilient. Don’t let this be an excuse for them to not be their best.

  8. so what youre saying is its another bunch of decisions to add to the list of policies put in place by the left that negatively impacted minorities. shocking. im shocked, truly. mental chains getting thicker, only a matter of time until the physical chains return and are seen as normal.

  9. Thank you! But truly way too late! We have been screaming about teens committing suicide more than getting seriously I’ll with Covid for months! Wake the F up evil DemonRats

  10. Democrats has just destroy a generation and they have no solution. Think about thIS next time you go to vote. Do your research before voting for a Democrat. LOOK AT CA, NYC AND IL. CRIME INFECTED STATES RUN BY DEMOCRAT😡

  11. I been coaching football at the high school level for 10 years as the head coach, the last two seasons have been terrible for competitions. Schools have to cancel for a few sick kids is a joke and now people are jaded towards covid lol

  12. And they won't use " mental health " as a reason to deny rights guaranteed by the CONSTITUTION. This is their way of getting more government into policies. Maybe just a conspiracy? I hope to God so.

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  14. im 22 and im SO glad i got out of school in 2018. this really fucked with my college dreams. and the economy is giving me anxiety. Its hard to ever imagine myself owning a house, or even being able to afford rent, and food, and my motorcycle. The boomers had the best life ever and turn around and do this to who? THEIR OWN KIDS.

  15. I have young kids and these draconian mandates lockdowns and stupidity has destroyed a lot of my kids growth and childhood that should be happy and whimsical they made it horrible and terrifying. Trump 2024 not that America deserves him.

  16. Goddammit we've been telling people this for months. Heck I remember even Trump brought it up in one his message LAST year when he was still in office. And these clowns are just now considering it.

  17. What the lockdowns did to the children was intentionally done by our government, they know that they need to destroy the youth so they can indoctrinate them into voting for socialism which is a gateway towards communism….. Only the establishment elites and the ignorant who listen to those elites want America to become socialist, AOC is proof of the ignorant being indoctrinated into supporting socialism.

  18. The science on lockdowns has been known forever. It was being shouted by many that lockdowns not only do not work, but are immensely destructive on multiple levels. Of course the government, media, and antiscience leftists everywhere shouted that down and censored those voices like the dunces they've always been. Derrrrrrr now it's slowly coming out by the dumbest ppl on the planet (leftists), that maybe lockdowns have negative effects. I and many others have known this from the beginning.

  19. we talk about the mental state of the kids… what nobody really seems to understand yet, is that is exactly how the left wants it.

    See, children are far easier to manipulate with fear, and bully tactics. They're also easier to break, mentally. The left WANTS them like this, so that they grow up broken, and used to the kind of fear and authoritarianism we're seeing right now… they want to normalize this. They want the kids to grow up broken, because when you're evil, it's a lot easier to convince the mentally ill that you're not…it's a lot easier to convince the mentally ill that you're their friend. This is all planned, and deliberate.

  20. This is one of the few times I disagree with this video, I think the current policies are working exactly as planned. What a gift to a power hungry political party, an entire generation of children who are ignorant of truth and facts but also completely dependent on the government.

  21. None of this is accidental. Creating millions of depressed, afraid, mentally ill and rage-filled children is manufacturing Democrat voters. It’s all part of the Great Reset. Gain of function research has been the left’s most productive investments.

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