Left Takover UPSETS Viewers…What happened here? (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. The fact that someone like Sabby wasn't on that panel, says a lot. I don't feel those women really want to create change. I feel like for them, this is all one big social club.

  2. They were saying an overall strategy of both should be the thing but they will focus on the inside game as part of that package and honestly I agree. Things about to get so dark after the midterms and for those of us in marginalized communities there is an assault on our civil rights and that is more immediate then any type of aid. No one wants to live off aid in their own country like a refugee in America we need to have some sort of power and now .

  3. This feels like a Marianne Williamson created event with an end goal for her to launch another presidential run. MW should not be embraced by progressives because of her continued support for the ethno-national Apartheid state of Israel.

  4. When I saw that Krystal was on the panel and they were using Breaking Points' set, I knew third parties or any talk of working outside the Democratic Party was off the table.

  5. Excellent point Sabby on the aspect of the progressives taking both grassroots donations and going along with establishment Democrats. The Democrats have beaten the Republicans at the dark money game that Republicans started. It explains so much as to why we’re seeing no movement amongst the party to meet the demands of the people. They’re all bought and paid for by powers we will never really see in full detail.

  6. Katie Halper said she'd rather be disappointed by progressives. We have AOC and the rest of "The Squad". They've done nothing but disappoint and further strengthen the status quo and kill enthusiasm, by way of them capitulating to Pelosi, Manchin, and Biden. Very dispiriting to hear what Williamson, Halper, and Ball, say during these clips

  7. 22:21
    Urgency and class. Excellent point. These podcaster/youtubers represent a new class of “content creator”. They can live comfortably in their class even if no change takes place, as long as they do not lose their subscription model, be it rokfin, patreon, or youtube. Krystal and Saagar at least have the business model to sustain them should youtube pull them, hence their unyielding populist message. Not sure of the others.

    When Covid hit, Katie was able to move back into her parents home and do her podcasting from their. I mean, god bless, but that relieves any sense of urgency that our current situation would create.

    Class-wise, these folks represent the, minimal, high 5 to lower 6 figure class I believe, and if they have families, they are not the main bread winners. There is where lays your lack of urgency.

  8. I'm not American, so it's harder for me to invest in these shows (i have my own country), although I'm still interested since I was thrown in the deep doing voluntary graphics for an American YT channel sympathetic to Bernie in 2015 through 2016. But I come here a lot lately. You're a real progressive, Sabby – very open, down to earth and honest, and you have great perspective. Never change!

  9. The problem with the panel is they're still entrenched in the establishment and most of them are millionaires which is why they're still coming off tone deaf in their statements

  10. I am 65 years old in two weeks, i have never voted republican, last time i voted democrat was 1996, i have voted green party until 2016, when i started to feel that the green party was just controlled opposition and that voting was so corrupted that it does not matter who i vote for. I do not plan to vote again, not as long as the system remains the same. But what is really sad to me is that i look at that panel and i see people that are looked up to by progressives that are totally clueless that they have now become the sheepdogs.

  11. hmmm I'm not even very convinced by Brianna. How useful will it be to ask nicely if they are going to be more adversarial? They can lie just like they did last time. Pointless!

  12. We'll be waiting and seeing until I'm dead. The Democrats are not a leftist party. Also, anything with Krystal Ball involved is just a grift to keep you in the Democratic party. She's a grifter and a sellout.

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