Left Wing Thugs Shoot, Kill 8 Year Old in Atlanta: Mayor Finally Has Enough

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  1. What are the odds The Seattle Mayor called it the Summer of Love and the 2 hit and run victims at the BLM Protest were named Summer Taylor and Diaz Love?

  2. BTW, the driver that mowed down (killing one) of those BLM protesters is Black; and that's why you haven't heard much about it in the news. The media doesn't even try to cover it's bias and leftist agenda anymore; it's all shameless out in the open.

  3. Please people WE all have to get out in November and vote ALL demorats out of power.they r the scum in power who supports rioters and murdering.

  4. "Progressive" media, judges and politicians and other such essential workers don't care how many ordinary law abiding citizens they offend because they can't do anything to them. Leftist protesters can ruin their reputation and get them fired. Who do you think they are going to appease?

  5. EXACTLY STICKS! Some of us knew that! Not some on the right on corporate t.v. The five, sayin trump could have done better! YOU MEAN HAVE BEEN KILLING MANY KIDS, MINORITIES! If Whites, are whites still the largest population? I have always chosen to live where we’re not,so I don’t know! Just a 63yr old white guy that loves being around other races.

  6. I say let these BLM trained marxists keep shoveling the shoe shine while the inner cities burn down like Detroit in 67. who would care? if they venture out to the burbs, everybody is strapped these days. i don't think these moronic antifa piss ants along with the racist BLM have any idea what they are up against. we ALL own firearms and know how to use them. simply taking advantage of our 2nd Amendment rights with minimal Police presence. and you Police should recognize that conservatives don't HATE you and want you underfunded, so kindly quit blaming and charging conservatives everytime there's a confrontation sparked by some masked antifa or marxist blm goon. where i live we are fortunate to have a great Police Dept but if the ultra left takes over, you'll be disbanded . replaced by social workers. that sounds frighteningly stupid..

  7. We are really getting fed up of this race baiting. ENOUGH, we just want to enjoy our sports, families, games, movies etc. "i just wanna grill dude"

  8. your not gonna read that it was blm is wat killed them kids !! hey lets go protest and kill people property and cities its ok we were told its ok for us far left reetarts ! ?

  9. There are black people that border on white supremacy. The good hard working, church going families that are succeeding in today's America because they are too busy enjoying the freedom to prosper that America offers and just don't have the need or the time to whine about "racism". They dislike "joggers" too and are ashamed that some of their lot behave the way they do.

  10. No- Georgia Governor Kemp has had enough- Crimewave Keisha allowed a weekend of violence- on Monday the governor called in the national guard- Keisha all of a sudden gets c19- mandates masks in public

  11. 2:45 The "funny" thing is that the "protestors" were supported by that mayor and they turned on her anyways. That is one reason why you don't encourage and support such people…they will often still turn on you later on.

  12. 6:05 That's called going for the "hat trick"….i.e. non white, non male, non straight…..the liberal's "ideal" candidate(cuz muh virtue signaling).
    (Are they always competent and good for the jobs? No….but who needs such in an elected official anyways. /s)

  13. I'm taking an opportunity to relate a dream about myself being interviewed by Rachel MadCow. She accused me of mysoginy. I reply; I've heard the word, what does it mean? Hatred of women! I reply, I don't hate women! They have pussy! Why would I hate them?

  14. Hey Styx, the judges are bowing to a higher master, most likely the AG, or whoever is bankrolling the violence and vandalism. The communist manifesto is alive and well in demo-socialist run communities and states. If 'public' schools were public, anybody desiring an education could walk in and sit down. Mayors and others in charge will allow it until they're affected. Seattle was the quarterstick, and pretty boy Floyd lit the fuse with his criminal behavior.

  15. I heard there’s a list of the some 200 corporations that have donated to BLM. Anyone know where I can get that? I’ll never use them in the future, ever.