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  1. I was originally a Never Trumper. Then I realized that they had no case and they coordinated attacks against him using outright lies. I hope he runs again. The video of the NY AG laughing to her friends about what they were going to do to DJT sickened me.

  2. The Democrats do not have good policies. All they have is emotional based arguments. Their brains don't work anymore, they just parot what the pro Democrat propaganda tells them with no critical thinking or facts. Its hard to debate people who believe something with so much emotion that they refuse to acknowledge the facts.

    They are authoritarian, the only sources they accept are the ones who support their intolerant narrative but those "sources" routinely ignore facts and the truth. They are big on emotion and less so on reality.

    This is a problem. We need a national divorce so the intoelrant left can run Democrat states how they like to and t he rest of us can run our states in a sane manner using facts and science. That is not good enough for the left, they want to tell all the states to bend the knee to their opinions while they refuse to tolerate our opinions. They are the fascists, vote all the Democrats out of our state. If the Dems want to live lives where all decisions are emotion based not based in reality we should let them but also refuse to help them when their policies fail. If they made their bed, Democrats need to lie in it, live with theconsequences of the policies they vote for.

  3. Oddly enough the “Trump fined 10k fine a day!” is the only news on MSM, not the “fizzling out stories”. Yeah, “odd”. Glad we have YouTube!

  4. Maybe more of them will join the 41%. One can only hope. 🙂

    That definition of insanity you parroted… that is a commie mentality. That is actually the definition of practice. Practice may not make perfect, but it definitely will make better.
    "Only a commie believes practice is insanity." – Mr. Dave 2002

  5. So glad this latest Witch Hunt has failed. Letitia James is a disgrace who should be removed from office ASAP along with all other Political Witch Hunters. Thou Shalt Not bear False Witness!

  6. Recent supreme court decision that allows folks to go after prosecutors for prosecutorial misconduct even if the case is dropped. This is a clear case of prosecutorial misconduct by letitia james.

  7. Yeh well Marxists tried to push the timeline of evolution and found multiple so called missing link skulls in the process backed by Rockefeller funding. The battle continues..

  8. Of course, given there is a huge amount of evidence of wrong-doing by the Clintons, there is no reason to do an investigation into the Clintons.

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