Lefties Super Upset Joe Rogan Didn’t Die After Taking “Horse Drug”



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  1. Another UNPROVEN 'drug' is the one the idiots are putting into their veins. It cannot even be legally called a vaccine. Even the corrupt FDA won't approve it. THEY KNOW. And they don't want to be sued. They 'approved' a different drug and the media spread the lie that they approved the clot shot. Sick, disgusting people have taken over and must be stopped.

  2. We need to be completely purging the entire Democratic Party.
    NO MORE DEMOCRATS……..EVER. The party needs to be outlawed for the rest of time, OR, at least until we can re-teach everyone that has been brainwashed or indoctrinated by the evil overlords that control it.

    The Democratic Party has evolved into something completely vile and sadistic, all while destroying the God-given rights, protected by our Constitution, which, they should be protecting as wel, instead of desperately trying to demolish it, entirely.

    Evil. They are now entirely EVIL. I don't know how they can look at themselves in the mirror every day and still believe they are living by Democratic standards.
    They are INSANE…..

  3. Big fan here, we are on the same side, but this one is us, ourselves, drinking the kool aid. What Rogan did is not good, and the vaccine isn't scary it works. MRNA is the probably the greatest invention in modern times. But please realize, we cant always be right 100%, and while the left is spreading fake news about the drugs rogan take, yes, that is all true, but it still doesnt make what he took good. If you read the study from the people that everyone is quoting, they themselves have retracted a lot from it. PLEASE LOOK INTO IT (not a pun) 😀

  4. My older sister whom is 45 and her husband are currently hospitalized because of being pressured into taking the vaccine because of their jobs My sister's throat swelled up and her husband's tounge swelled up so bad neither could breathe ….It is shameful people are so stupid and so eager to put others lives in danger all in the name of " saving" others with a experimental vaccine They are so stupid they try an act smart without doing any logical research on any topic and yet act like they know more than everyone and what best for everyone else

  5. It doesn’t make any difference when both the vax’d and the unvax’d can still get Covid and share it. But now they refuse to see any other treatment once you get it. I suppose if you get it, you are supposed to die. EVEN WHEN 99% SURVIVE. I WISH THERE WAS A VACCINE FOR THE STUPIDITY INFLICTED BY THE MEDIA.

  6. i am loving how our goverment lies according to time of day,,,their track record proves they are not for anyone but themselves,,,what part of the party is giving yourself raises when the people who elected you lizards have no more pua after you screwed us out of jobs..i am done with this bull and see all who are scewing us and dont know how they just lie in unison….not jabbing ever guess im going off grid cuz f that!!!!!

  7. Rogan is a doucher, I testesd + for the coof and they made me take 2 weeks off work…..was sick for 2 days felt like the flu……………day drank and mowed my lawn for the rest of the time,,,,,,,,,wish I would have tried to sell some dumb ass drugs that I said made me feel better

  8. If we look at everything
    They flip the script
    So everything they say about ivermectin
    Is actually about the gene therapy aka jabs
    “Unsafe” “unproven” “probably gonna die now”

  9. Oh I know Israel's considered the most vaccinated country in the world in the world and it has the highest hospitalization rate. Oh and just to let you know i work for a demi company that specializes in oxygen and CPAP (don't get me start on the Phillips recall). We're actually getting more people who are going on oxygen after being released who are vaccinated then vaccinated then vaccinated people even going home one oxygen. Think about that

  10. Ivermectin IS approved.

    We the people need to file the largest RICO Civil suit in history…its blatant RICO violations left and right by every single CEO authority figure in the world. Criminal punishment up to Death. By guillotine.

  11. Yup crazy evil people. The difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated is vaccinated are anti unvacced and unvacced are anti no choice not anti vacced they dont care if you got the vaxx because that would be your choice thank God your safe

  12. ivamecton is also used for scabies and many other things in human medicine even good for worms. after talking to a vet he said the drugs were basically human drugs just not as pure good on joe for thinking outside the box be good if the other lemmings had brains instead of a tv belief system

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