Leftist District Attorneys Announce Across The Country They WILL NOT Charge Rioters And Far Left

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  1. I disagree with releasing nonviolent drug offenders. These drugs are the fuel behind the riots. Ignoring drug offenses is stating that it is OK to sell and use them. It is a proven fact that drugs are behind much of the violent crime in America. Many thefts and murders are perpetrated by people looking for their next fix.

  2. I had these two dreams. In the first one, I was in the crew of a launching space ship and then I then I was in the crew of another space ship years later on a voyage to the planets. Then I was back in the cabin of the other space ship which blew up. I fell into the sea. Two days after, the Challenger spacecraft blew up and fell into the sea.
    In the second dream I was on a dead and dying Earth. I met a woman at a bridge who took me to her father. They had built a living city which was going to leave the earth through a gateway across a bridge to a new world to make another Earth there. The father was a voyager who was taking the voyagers on the mission. The daughter was a gardener and she was staying with the other gardeners to bring the dying Earth back to life. They were saying farewell to each other and knew they would never see one another again. They knew that both missions could fail more than they could succeed but they were going to go anyway because of their courage and character and because there was no other choice, because of their faith in love, life and light which they were teaching me. Then the daughter left and the father left. I fainted, everything went dark and I woke up at some point. I believe that this world to come will come. The events right now will lead to that world which may be the best of all possible worlds. We cannot change what is now happening nor can we change what will happen. We can only have the courage and character of the father and his daughter to meet whatever comes with honour, through hardships to the stars. Even in death we can live. Even in defeat we can be victorious.
    Be victorious and live, Phillip

  3. soros has put $10B into his open hell society, so that he can buy literal TONS of slimy lawyers ( schysters ). He wants to achieve his globalist dream where he can get maximum money.
    He knows that America stands in the way of his dream and that's why he's targeted us. When asked, Do you care about the social repercussions of your actions? "No, I don't. I don't
    care about those things when I'm playing the game." He thinks of us as just pawns on a global chessboard. Vote Trump 2020 and make soros and the elites cry.

  4. There was both joy and sorrow between the father and daughter, the joy of this faith and the sorrow of leave taking, the joy of taking their faith to a new living earth, and the sorrow of being apart.
    Their faith was a kind of intersectionality but not the intersectionality as we know the philosophy today. Their intersectionality is a crossroads of love, life and light not hatred, death and darkness. Their intersectionality is a meeting ground of peace not war. Their intersectionality is about giving and forgiveness, not grudge and envy. Their intersectionality is about cooperation, contribution and reconciliation, not competition, retribution and retaliation. Our descendants had learned the error of their ways the hard way, through the destruction of their world and working to save what was left. We must learn their lesson now before we destroy our world and lose ourselves and everything we have, before we go too far and cannot come back. We can keep on going down the path of darkness and where it leads, or down the path of light and where it leads. The choice is ours. Choose wisely. Be victorious, Phillip

  5. These DAs should be removed from office and arrested! And I will never agree that pot is harmless. I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, I lost 11 friends to drugs, and all of them started with weed! Then they went more weed, then hard drugs as pot was no longer enough. My best friend died at age 50 and the last time I saw him alive he looked like he was 90!

  6. Their intersectionality is about building. Today's intersectionality is about burning. Their intersectionality is about light. Today's intersectionality is about fire. Their intersectionality is about sight. Today's intersectionality is about blindness. Their faith is about life. Today's faith is about death. There are all these faiths today fighting for power, for the hearts and minds, the bodies and souls of us all, and, if we're not careful, the fires of faith will burn the whole world to a cinder, and everything and everyone in it to ashes and dust in the wind. Choose the faith of tomorrow, not the faith of today.

  7. Why? Why would you ruin the rule of law? It is the basis for society. Not OUR society, ANY society. Unequal application of the law will ramp up the unrest, not the other way.

  8. George Soros has tryed over throwing government all over the world and was labeled a terrorist ! Not sure why you're so confused love you show normally but dont get things twisted he a bad man

  9. Only Little Timmy seams to be clueless about Soros, and his NAZI history. Any DA who refuses to prosecute should be dealt with the feds. I wonder why Barr is not doing anything about it. Arest them,msend tnem to Guantanamo and reeducate them there using water boarding.

  10. Come on man, these prosecutors are just actin-a-fool! You can't really expect them to decide right from wrong when you won't. Keep dancing in the middle and being "fair"! Strange, I don't remember the word "fair" anywhere in the constitution… nope, not in the bill of rights either. If the libs get what they want, your YouTube income will be gone in a flash. And, when they come for your head, you can try telling them you were just trying to be fair.

  11. So people urging you to investigate facts really irks you Timmy grow up you weren't the smartest man in the universe like you think why don't you do five minutes worth of research in the George Soros history then you can send me a text back apologize and you will smart ass b**

  12. Check where Sorrows got started Timmy you think you know everything but I don't think what you know what fill a thimble , you just got a good line of s*** going at this point that might be coming to an end we'll see because if these Democrats get elected and you wouldn't do some minor Research into facts you're part of the problem and would need to be removed like a canker sore

  13. George Soros is basically the inventor of antifa it started World War with his Nazi family friends he's used them all over Europe but Timmy here said it made him angry four-wheel baby that people have been asking him to look into it namely me because I hadn't seen anyone else do it tell me if you're going to take a stand is being a voice to the people you need to be that do some research leave your will feelings in the car cuz that two million dollars a year you're making can go even quicker than it came just do your f**** job self-proclaimed job that is

  14. Tim what do you classify as a non-violent drug offender certain people save it drug dealers are non-violent drug offenders take a drug dealers drugs and don't pay him and you'll see just how violent they can be

  15. State Attorney's being backed by George Soros look no further then the 13th judicial District in Hillsborough County Florida (Andrew Warren). Even during a recent interview he admitted it. Andrew Warren there were over a hundred arrests violent protesters throwing rocks bottles fireworks at police Mr Warren did not prosecute any of them. In a separate case there was a law enforcement officer that got punched right outside the courthouse it was on video and once again Andrew Warren did not do his job prosecute

  16. Yeah, but this is just another way of them saying "WE will dictate what you have to deal with. NOT you." Imagine what happens when the tables turn. Nobody will be interested in their whining about how wrong it is. Because we will remember.

  17. Um…You wanna make drugs legal. But you wanna offer drug rehabilitation programs as well??? NO!!! Pick one! I don't wanna pay for someone's drug rehab. Not while you simultaneously say drugs should be legal. If they are legal, they THEY should be paying for their own damn rehab. Which is why it's the way it already is in the 1st place. You are NOT smarter than those who came before you. If you wanna be libertarian about shit, then YOU pay for it. Otherwise you make it everyone else's problem. How convenient for you.