Leftist Fanatics Pull Down Confederate Statue Onto Supporters Head Critically Injuring Them

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  1. This man is right. If real Americans do not start standing up and speaking out and bringing the fight to these people you will lose everything you hold dear before it is over. It is far past time to bring this to an end, decisively.

  2. Memorials, Monuments & Statues were not erected in the middle of night! Communities approved them, City Councils had meeting, it was Voted on, People donated & supported it so for BURN, LOOT, MURDER inc. & ANTI-fa fa, DNC-MSM Marxist Actives & Aggregator just Lawlessly Violate the sanctity of the Community & act in the middle of the night to Destroy Property, Peace & Order & is the same thing they want to do to you while they "GASLIGHT AMERICA" & run the DNC-MSM Rape Train on everything that is worthy of Honor, Sacrifice, Dignity in America! Even during the Great Shamdemic Panic of 2020, the DNC-MSM never stops! The Left's Leader & their supporters now have blood on their hands, Shame! (D) VA. SEN Louise Lucas personally directed the UN-LAWFUL Destruction of a Monument in Portsmouth VA when one of the rioters got hit in the head when it landed on his skull. He's in a coma. Should (D) VA. Sen. Lucas be charged for INCITEMENT TO RIOT & POSSIBLY MANSLAUGHTER? DNC-MSM Mocking Birds sing "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW" Right except them! This stuff could only happens in 3rd rated Commie Dictatorships! Is that were we are now? @ from the Cult of Lying, Cheating, Stealing, America Hating, Bigoted Racist Cry Bully Out-Rage Mobster Commiecrats & Corrupticans! STAND-UP AMERICA! VOTE DEM ALL OUT!

  3. I would say Karma is a bi*** but it is more likely sheer idiocy at work… you cannot expect those guy to understand how to keep safety. Most likely majority of them would likely have no issues with getting confirmation about inability of independent living.

  4. Instant Karma
    As far as your arguments about what if Trump wins… about how he is polling bad and dominant culture is against it. I think you know this cult isn't the dominant culture nor are they polling as good as it seems they've just browbeat enough of other people. And sending in the troops… well as you yourself have said most people support it. You say we should do something about it just like these idiots? Well that's the plan… send a clear message in November. If you mean do what they do… are you really advocating meeting their violence and threats with the like and starting a full on hot revolution? Well guess what plenty of people are. Watch Crowders complication of people defending themselves and their property

  5. I think it's time we start showing these people what real world consequences really are, if they are unaware then we should provide a public service.

  6. I do think voting on whether or not to remove some statues/monuments is the better option but why is this something that we should even be voting on? Why should we listen to anything these Marxists have to say? Remember Tim, if you give them an inch, they'll take a mile.

  7. Tearing down Confederate statues is simply another sign of how the victors get to rewrite history. The statues are symbolic … certainly. But if you whitewash history, you will remove its lessons.

  8. I just discovered this channel last and enjoyed them all a great deal. Until this one. Tim, you say you are ok with statues being torn down? I am deeply disappointed with you!

  9. People vote…city council/mayor/governor override the vote. Charlottesville voted to keep their statue and the city officials decide to take it down anyway(even though black citizens wanted to keep it). Protests there wouldn’t have happened, antifa women who died of a heart attack wouldn’t have been listed as killed by racist white guy in car(how do you die if the car never touched her?).

  10. While tearing down history why do they Democrats get a free pass? If any organization is responsible for perpetuating slavery it would be the Democrats. Even Germany is embarassed by the Nazis but there is no shame in the Democrat game I mean Hell at least change your name. From the slaughter of native Americans to causing a civil war to defend slavery to Jim Crow to the Origin of the KKK to attempting to quell the civil rights movement, Democrats are responsible. White America did not perpetuate slavery. White Democrats did.