Leftist ‘Journalist’ CANCELED And Then MOCKED By His Own Coworkers

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  1. The right is part of The hive mind also. You think Trump is a savior. No only Jesús Christ is a savior. Following Trump isnt Following Jesús Christ. Wake up people Q Anon is a hive mind mentality also. We are all part of a hive mind if we Dont follow The bible And Jesús Christ.

  2. In order for Cancel culture to be effective, you have to let it. I dont give a shit enough about Face Book to even care what whiny little snivelers try and say about others on the gasp internet gasp

  3. My mom ( a progressive ) and my grandfather ( a conservative libertarian ) got into an argument over some stuff.
    I made them watch actual video footage. I think both are kind of extreme. But it was my mom that likes to say "stop yelling at me when my grandfather is just talking." And it is my mom that eventually says "shut up shut up! Yells. And runs away at the end of the arguments." She says she's done a lot of research and is well versed bla bla bla. But then when I am teaching her how to code she is…. a really slow learner. I think mainly because she is getting old. Scares me because that means I only have 20 more years to code awesome stuff before my mind starts to rot away. There is a point somewhere in here.

  4. Stop taking false libertarian consolations for losing. No, we won't win by everyone losing and getting herd immunity. The situation is far too serious for talk like that. Even if it weren't pernicious talk — self-lulling, passive aggressive, reveling in pain as if this were S&M, Nietzschean, pseudo Darwinian, all the dark sides of libertarianism as an ideology.
    You're far better when you're fighting than when you're giving false consolations.
    Herd immunity doesn't work for the cancel culture (and might not work for COVID either, the antibodies to it seem unstable). The cancel virus replicates faster than the antibodies, and it quickly cancels the antibodies.
    This is a fight. It will be won only by fighting for keeps no less than the other side does, not by dreaming of winning by losing. Reread Burnham's Suicide of the West: 'winning by losing' is itself an ideology, one that provides consolation for giving up on life.
    Sorry, but you're doing their work for them with that kind of talk.
    The totalitarians know how to stay on top even after their worst failures, by keeping control of incentives, . Herd immunity almiost never kicks in to end a totatliarian system, they simply adapt.
    Herbert Hoover said the fires of Communist passion would eventually burn out. When progressives in Congress were lulling themselves with that thought and opposing our firefighting efforts, Walter Judd had to explain – what should have been obvious – that we have to fight it so it won't burn down our own home meanwhile.
    It took Russia 70 years to come out of Communist repression. China 70+ years and counting. Iran 40+. Totalitarianism knows how to maintain itself. It morphs and comes back, sometimes worse and stronger.
    Our only chance is to fight hard enough to stop its full entrenchment in power here. It can't be done by ideological self-crippling. It can't be done by some purist libertarianism. It can't be done by renouncing the legitimate use of law and force against the left's illegitimate use of it. It requires a real fight, using real means and taking real risks, including the proper use of law: legislation, regulation, and loads of lawsuits and punitive damages. Only by taking these risks will we have a chance of success.

  5. For everyone making the argument that this is Marxism, it really isn't. Cultural Marxism/Frankfurt School is closer, but even this movement is more insane since it is fed by the beast that is the internet projecting propaganda/groupthink into each others minds constantly. Marx has a pretty good critique of capitalism, the solutions are, IMO, impossible but the criticism is pretty valid. Marxists actually have a much more coherent ideology compared to the insane shit that is going on now. Talk to an older Marxist, they will tell you that identity politics is a huge hindrance to their movement and that it should focus on class conciseness. Honestly if they would focus on bringing up EVERYONE who needs help, I think a lot more people would support them, I would. If we want to make convincing arguments, we need to understand our opponent better than they understand us.

  6. My first right in their mouth knock out some teeth. That's where I'm at. If you tell me to shut the f up I'm gonna make sure you cant speak for a few months cause your jaw has been broken and wired shut.

  7. Four great revolutions French, American, Russian, an Chinese. Only one didn't result in MILLIONS of Dead. Socialism is a mental illness they can't be helped.