Leftist Journalists Seethe That The Online Harms Bill Doesn’t Censor The Right Enough


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  1. This wouldn't be happening at all if we had an actually right wing "right wing," what do you even expect when the conservatives are openly progressive? They weren't elected as progressives, they were elected on Brexit for which nobody else was willing to do what we voted on, did it pretty badly, and then became progressive. Most Brits don't believe in that but there's almost nobody in parliament that'll do what they DO want so we're fucked for years until elections come up and the Conservative vote splits 100 ways and Labour goes in so the backlash builds up a right wing replacement for the Conservatives and we can be rid of them.

  2. "We label ourselves the Anti-Bad Guy Squad & we label our opponents the Bad Guys. How can people not understand this? We can never be terrorists because we're fighting the Bad Guys. It's so simple to understand. Everything we do is justified because of our name."

  3. Sounds odd but if the law applies to the right then it applies to the left. When ever Hope not Hate posts something after this passes just file a complaint. They have the right to appeal.

  4. It's kind of strange how EVERY mass shooter seems to have a manifesto, "streams" their "rampage", and they reek of psy-ops (like the guy I think in Sweden who was allegedly going to mosques, who shot someone through a window but it didn't break or crack, and there were already bodies lying around before he got to them… it basically looked like real life coverage of doom)… Let's not forget they're all IMMEDIATELY met with cries for abolishing the 2nd amendment, and the shooters are always evil, waaaayyycccisst White guys who apparently don't think for themselves at least when it comes to their cookie cutter manifests… That, or the government needs to fire their lazy writer who copied and pasted their old work from a previous clone shooter.

  5. Why not just work for an American company publishing content in America while just being an employee in scottland, they can't possibly hit you with their bullshit laws if you are publishing the content in the US under a US company protected by the first amendment right? Just fuck these fascists mascarading as leftist.

  6. Even if these ideologues got their way entirely, I would never go back to their propaganda. It's in almost everything mainstream. Once you notice, you're forever lost to them.

  7. Time to fight (politically, not violence) for free speech in the UK. If you are reading this get yourself in the free speech union, you are probably the kind of person that will need it.

  8. Whatever authoritarian laws, protocols and organisations they will create will be used against them by their enemies, it's one of the basics of statecraft. You don't give weapons to the arsenal of your enemy. If you do something, don't make that thing illegal.
    Whatever government will succeed them will inherit of the laws they make, it is foolish of them to think their successor will be of the same mind as them.

  9. One of my favourite quotes which I read in an article from the Babylon Bee is quite relevant here: "once we force everyone to think the same, we will defeat fascism" I feel like this is how these people think.

  10. Just saying something is the same a doing it ? Ok im a running gold medalist , i went to the moon and built the pyramids. Any words are truth and action . Lol biggots .

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