Leftist Laura Pidcock’s Emotional Socialist Rant DESTROYED

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Leftist Laura Pidcock’s Emotional Socialist Rant DESTROYED

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Why is it always the middle class lefties trying to tell the working our way is the right, they the labour party haven't represented the working for decades, they wont to bring in millions of people from around the world, then just push them into working class estates, with all the different ways of life and customs, but they wont ever have them living in their leafy suburbs a million miles from reality, the politicians, must be saving their salaries while rinsing the taxpayer for every last penny and will never be embarrassed if they are pulled up for it, because they have no morals, we should all know now when they say that they entered politics too make thing's better for people, no it's not, it's all about me and as been for decades, but the working class have seen through all those lies, and that's why labour lost the last election with Corbyn and the hard left, which would have seen the country bankrupt

  2. Its not quite true that in socialist/communist countries those at the bottom stay there.In the USSR they had highly selective schools.A talented child from anywhere would be nurtured to have a top-level in the UK even grammer schools are under threat,and private schools perpetuate privilege.

  3. Labour: "We must listen to the unique lived experience of BAME people"
    Also Labour: "Everything the working class complain about is nonsense and the result of racism, ignorance and gammonism"
    Labour again: "Our whole ethos and reason for existence is to fight for the working class"

  4. The current Tory Scamdemic dictatorship is even worse than a socialist regime, so what the hell. Our FREEDOM has been stolen forever, and there is no Conservative system left, in case you didn't notice, Mahyar.

  5. Socialists don't understand the importance of competitive forces in evolving systems. Socialists undervalue their fellow man and assume they can improve on nature.
    Socialists should be tested for Dunning Krueger and narcissism.

  6. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel though.
    But the same arguments still have to be made against the same stupid, thoroughly defeated ideas because there’s always a new generation of clueless ignoramuses on the way up.

  7. Was she taking an MPs wage whilst raiding the stationary cupboard, bet she didn't want to give up her gravy train…. champagne socialist just like the rest

  8. I was born in one socialist country, people were losing their lives fleeing socialism in Eastern Europe, despite this, many continuously tried to escape!

  9. Leftist Laura Pidcock has only one thing going for her" its her big mouth always in top gear whatever she uses it for " Shadow Secretary of state for employment rights , Just like Corbyn she wants strikes, and open borders and millions of migrants kept on UK tax payers money , Hence she clearly lost and got the boot ".Opening a door for her is a joke I would do that for any dog , The Tory Party must be really happy not having to look at this complete idiot " Who actually votes for these idiots in North West Durham , Well the Tory party won the seat she had " as expected they would with someone of more Intelligence Richard Holden MP first Conservative in the Constituency"s History " , It says what Laura was like .

  10. Mayhar, gorbunatbehram, , but, you are becoming much more of a Con Party apologist. What are you aiming at? London Mayor, or an MP? You are denying your hierarchy (Persian – more inscrutable than any Chinese – I am married to the former, and have worked in the latter) and becoming blatantly Conservative, when they are becoming increasingly Socialist. I used to believe you, but now you are becoming bland