Leftist Politicians SHOCKED That Far left Vandalized Their Homes

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  1. "When they were destroying other people's property, I could live with it. But when they came after my property, that was a step too far."

  2. I live in Oakland. This is 100% true. We keep the fire extinguishers, Rottweiler, and firearms handy. But the police mostly try to do the best they can…. all 10 of them.

  3. Here’s a radical idea send federal troops to surround the city and DO NOT let anyone or thing into or out of the city then let’s sit back and watch them surrender in less than 2 weeks because of them starving and make sure all utilities are shut off too

  4. Possible Deniability : Pretend they are not your own people doing the damage by having them attacking your house. Question : Why aren't they setting fire to the place? Same thing with sleepy J, pretend you are senile and escape responsibility later on. Don't be fooled by the reverse psychology theory with lots of mirrors. Follow the money.

  5. Listening to you. I enjoy it very much now. But now you see why. The purchase of guns have going out of the roof. Stupidity talk like that No police force. Yeah.

  6. This is why i always tell people to get armed, get trained and make sure you're stocked on supplies because, especially if you live in blue mob-friendly states like Oregon and Washington, your local government leaders will happily leave you to the mercy of the mob so long as they're left alone & it'll be up to you to defend yourself, your family and your home. When the police are demoralized and defunded there'll be no-one left to save you so sitting back and saying "well, it's all the way over there so it cant get to me" will only delay the inevitable.

  7. The left eat their own first. They take out the weakest of the pack first LOL!!! I love it. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the libtards crying for police protection…

  8. Social change by defunding the police will not help it needs to start in the home and family and a sense of moral and ethical values with the left has thrown in the trash along with their city. Those cities wanting to defund police won’t have a problem because there will be a mass exodus of police retiring and leaving the force and then move out of state

  9. What police militarization? Them having rifles? See the North Hollywood shootout. Them having body armor? Body armor is defensive why wouldn't you want cops to have body armor? The APCs that you complain about? Last I saw they weren't ARMED. Who gives a shit about an armored vehicle. As long as they aren't pulling a Russian and firing 12.7 into a neighborhood whats the problem?