Leftist Reddit MOCKS Americans Suffering Job Loss Over Vaccine Mandates, It’s Actually A White Pill

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join fellow YouTuber Joey B Toonz to criticize a leftist Reddit mocking people who are suffering the workplace effects of fighting vaccine mandates.

Guest: Joey B Toonz
@joeybtoonz (Twitter, YouTube)

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. The thing that still confuses me is that someone who doesn’t get vaccinated isn’t posing a threat to anyone other than themselves, even when you steel-man their argument. Explain how me not getting vaccinated actually affects someone else who has negatively. It’s common knowledge that the vaccine doesn’t stop spread or you catching it, just reduces the severe symptoms. I’m yet to hear any reasonable, logical explanation of this.

  2. Would love to know where to find a job listing for unvaccinated. I was looking for new work when all this mandate crap hit WA, and now hesitant, because have no idea what businesses/companies out there respect right to medical privacy and are willing to hire unvaccinated for employment.

  3. We're witnessing the final moments before WWIII breaks out.
    Average lifespan of an empire is 250 years. Guess which country is having it's 250th birthday come July 4th, 2026?
    Hold onto your guns, stand your ground, and don't give these commies an inch!
    I want to see liberty prevail for a 3rd world war in a row; the alternative is not an option.

  4. Every public official pushing or mandating these dangerous experimental injection is committing crimes against humanity. They must be tried and subjected to the death penalty.

  5. Libtards "Trump is a DICTATOR"
    Also Libtards " I ❤ Vax Mandate, lololol we're losing thousands of Doctors and nurses, What do THEY know about Medicine and Vaccines, Lol science deniers, jAb bAd, bye job."

  6. idk why all the other states r tripping america is about freedom it seems texas is the only one following that. im vaccinated i never wear a mask in texas nobody cares and nobody knows who is or isnt vaccinated. its basically been back to normal here for a while sure theres a few judgey ppl but as long as everyone has a choice is how i feel. masks should have been mandated until people who wanted a vaccine could get them and that should have been the end. and if u have gotten the vaccine then its none of ur business if anyone else got it like wtf is going on

  7. also the media keeps us pitted against eachother its only getting worse it alwayd happens when people even slightly take focus on the one percent. the more we fight eachother the less likely we will fight them

  8. The health ministers of Quebec and Ontario (Canada) have backed down on vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. In Quebec alone over 25,000 healthcare workers are not vaccinated. (Nurses, doctors etc). Glad to see fellow healthcare workers push back against the mandates!

  9. Was told that I had to give vaccinated yes:no answer. So I sent the supreme court’s ruling in 2013 on gene manipulation and how the court ruled that once you manipulate your DNA you are no longer considered human and then could be patented. Also that you would no longer considered human and that the Constitution no longer applies to you. Then I sent the CDC information on each EU vaccination 💉 were it shows that they use M-RNA manipulation.

  10. I LOVE hearing how people are protesting about this, I knew the amount of pro-vaccine people (or more specifically, pro-mandate) were not as big as televised.
    Don't trust the media. IT should never be a battle between us and being divided by our skin color, age, gender, any of this nonsense.
    None of us even cared about this stuff 10 years ago. It's all manufactured so we go nuts and give them our powers and freedoms.
    The real enemy is the government and the media. Let's hit em hard yo!

  11. The people cheering at people losing their jobs over vaccine mandates, including police, don't generally live in high-crime neighbourhoods. They'll be fine.

  12. Wife’s work is about to force vaccines or weekly tests done. Tests being paid by our pockets. Absolutely against this and at some point we may have to give up everything we worked for just to feed our kids.

  13. I’m so bored of hearing Tim say “I don’t care what you do talk to your doctor, blah blah blah”

    Yes Tim

    It’s been nearly a year now, we know

    Everyone knows

  14. A girl that used to work at my workplace for several years recently resigned to work someplace new. She was pro vaxx. Got her 3rd booster last Friday 11-12-21, was dead by Monday 11-15-21. Blood clots
    In her 30s

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