Leftist Teacher Says White Students’ Opinions Don’t Matter!!!

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Leftist Teacher Says White Students’ Opinions Don’t Matter!!!

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. This teacher should be sacked. This is worse than the American teacher telling students the world is just 10,000 years old. That is simply wrong, but this teachers attitude is criminal. It is in fact racist and this is the one thing the BLM movement is apparently fighting against!

  2. Is it not possible to take some sort of class action by a group of like minded citizens – possibly funded by a crowd sourcing type project – against this specific so called teacher ?? Maybe Mahyar could provide a leadership role in this action…???

  3. You cannot pretend to fight against racism if you discriminate yourself on the grounds of race or colour. That should be obvious! This teacher is just not fit for purpose.

  4. Parents should be made aware of what their kids will be taught and by whom. Then they can decide as to whether their kids will attend those schools or classes. Or, an alternative viewpoint must be offered

  5. Good for NAN, she was completely correct, the teacher was being racist toward to white girl. Racism can be toward anyone of any race, colour, ethnicity, by anyone of ANY COLOUR, race or ethnicity. Using someone's colour to discount their opinion is racist and for the teacher to use the ' white privilege ' rubbish, that does not even exists , and is just made up by the left to just try to discount anything white people say or do is completely rediculous and one of the divisive tactics used by the left to try to shut people down, the same as calling anyone who disagrees with them as ' Racist ' , ' Fascist' and ' Nazi's' when the left in truth are the ones displaying all the fascistic characteristics of the Nazi's by stopping free speech, stopping those who disagree from speaking, cancel culture, attacking verbally or physically those who disagree, even at times killing those who disagree, bulling others into capitulating to their point of view etc the list is too long to put it all!!

  6. Your views are exactly like mine and it is a breath of fresh air to hear it out loud for the world to hear. So ? thank you!!
    Also.. please try headspace or some other app and learn how to meditate. Just a few minutes each morning will set you up but also help massively with your heart, if it is stress related.

  7. Angela Rayner certainly isn't one person you can easily respect. She's well into those double digits in her IQ, but besides that, she's deeply offensive and stupid, getting by on her victim-hood upbringing and being a woman who got knocked up young. Nandy seems very pleasant though. Deluded but charming.

  8. A teacher who does not have an open mind and promotes an open mind and open debate is NOT a teacher.

    A teacher who comments like she did about colour is a RACIST and not only needs to be sacked but never be allowed to teach again and serve prison time.

  9. It is clear that there is more to this than what meets the eye. It is also self evident that politics should not enter the classroom. All pupils need to be treated equally regardless of background or race. I’m genuinely surprised that I feel I need to say this.

  10. Bloody disgraceful , this teacher is trying to say that white people should be ashamed and humble for being white and “ privileged “ bollocks !! , Am absolutely sick listening to these bloody leftish snowflakes, I’m a white male 76 years of age and had to work very hard all my life for what I have , and I can assure this so called teacher , that I in no way feel “PRIVILEGED “ , Just pissed off listening to all this crap , ?

  11. This is the western disease. It's just as bad in Australia. Education departments in western democracies need to be vetted to ensure left wing propaganda isn't preached in class rooms. We used to have an inspector system in Australia where teachers were assessed in class by an education department professional. Not anymore. The teacher unions didn't like the idea of scrutiny & teacher accountability so inspectors are no more.

  12. So I take it the teacher wasn't white or she wouldn't be entitled to an opinion either . Teachers should be teaching a balanced curriculum not their own political views.

  13. Huge lack of common sense and critical thinking with these leftists who continue to ignore evidence. Unfortunately so many teachers today are poorly educated themselves so parents must step up and make sure their children are taught facts and not fiction

  14. I'm not human. I'm a racoon. I can fly and wack you with my tail. A leaf made me a racoon.

    No, actually I am a bunny. I fly with my ears. A carrot ? made me into one.

    Who here gets the first allusion?
    Who here gets the second allusion?

  15. Why should this woman push for women to be given more prominent positions in power , ? When according to her , there is no such thing as gender ,we are all equal , so WOMEN don’t exist , right !! ?

  16. I love how the teacher says a Scottish person has white privilege. Next shell be saying the Irish have white privilege too. These teachers don't know there own history.

  17. Schools dont teach anymore, they brainwash to be fair.
    Most teachers are left wing militants at this point, look at the state of the University's, teaching anti white propaganda, and a fair bit of man hating to boot.
    They hate Nandy because she is Pro Israel.. Proving that Labour are still anti-semitic.