Leftist Who SHOT Trump Supporter WAS NOT A Security Guard, New Report Reveals He Was ILLEGALLY Hired

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  1. I kinda figured he wasn't a legit security guard. What sane, legal, armed security guard shoots dead someone who slaps him? Answer is none. Most will get wrestled to the ground not shot dead.

  2. Tim don't think Pinkerton would have anything to do with this! Pinkerton is not that STUPID! Pinkerton has be in the business to long to be that stupid! Also I think there will be some law suits over the statement or statements that Pinkerton was involved in this incident!

  3. The problem is the second people decide that they will avoid expressing themselves (peacefully) for fear of a violent reaction from those who disagree, they win. I feel we need these rallies in these major places like Portland for the simple purpos of showing those lunatics they can't suppress a belief with violence

  4. How come everybody in the MSM can call Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist, right-wing vigilante” but strangely this guy is “just a security guard who was doing his job”?!? This awful Double Standard is making me SICK!!!

  5. Remember a few years back when some academic pranksters took excerpts from Mein Kampf and replaced all the references to Juice with huwite males, and it got all kinds of praise from radical leftists? That's how we got here

  6. I am so sick of 'alleged' and 'allegedly' but ever since the lawsuits against the media for smearing people they just shove those words everywhere.

  7. Tim, the left ALWAYS lies. They aim to achieve their goals by “ANY MEANS NECESSARY”. Also, don’t you find it interesting that the guy wearing the Black Guns Matter shirt was challenging those guys to “shoot me, n*****!” and “mace me n*****”. The same exact challenge that guy in Kenosha, Wisconsin was yelling at Rittenhouse and his group before the shootings. I don’t think this is a coincidence. That guy was involved in this, I have no doubt – and I hope he was appropriately questioned by the police. This whole incident was premeditated. First Portland, then Denver. I wonder where next – because I believe it is BLM / ANTIFA’s goal to make people afraid to hold political rallies they don’t like by murdering people – all while attempting to make it look like they’re acting in self defense. They think they know what they’re doing, but this is obviously their MO. So, these scumbags who are out to murder innocent people must be dealt with. There is no place for them in this country. If you find yourself engaging with these people you’d better be prepared to fight for your life. Tim, there is little difference between ANTIFA / BLM. And your having a fit over people not separating the two is a waste of time. They both need to be declared domestic terrorist groups. They clearly have been using the same Marxist, fascist tactics and align in most of their views. I think you’re upset because this guy was once a Bernie supporter and so were you. Maybe you’re taking out your own personal regret for once also being a Bernie supporter. I don’t know, but you’re unnecessarily defensive of ANTIFA and overly concerned about those two groups being intermingled. Truth is that they are. Here’s the obvious clue….look at what they call themselves. Both groups are the opposite of what their titles say they are about. That’s about all one needs to know. Just keep working on finding out the truth and quit feeling the need to defend the left! They’ll never change, Tim. Be glad that you did. We are. Welcome to the real world, where many things in life aren’t nuanced…some are just simply right or wrong. No need to complicate it further.

  8. Remember in the old black and white old west movies, the Wanted Dead or Alive posters? Hollywood fiction… mostly. There was one group. company, murder for hire contractors. Pinkerton Detective Agency. If you wanted a criminal brought in dead, you contacted the local Pinkerton rep. They would find a way to kill the person for you. For a fee.