Leftist YouTubers PAID to Spread Pro-War Propaganda

A recent article in The Grayzone reveals how members of “BreadTube,” a loose collective of leftist YouTubers and Twitch streamers, have been receiving secret funding from the British government to promote imperialist foreign policy and amplify the party line on COVID policies.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the story and other ways secretive government agencies seek to control the narrative around issues of war, public health and the security state.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Trump was part of the whole thing. He was the perfect tool to use to blow all the liberal minds to la la land. Bludgeon someone enough and their brains will turn to mush. 24/7 Trump fear. So I believe he was planted by the CIA (which is the real power and evil). In fact BOTH the D&R's are tools controlled by TPTB. They knew that Trump would cause more uproar and chaos with the Liberal's which in turn made them easy to control to the point where my once party and family and friends who once believed that the CIA was the most evil agency ever, now believe the complete opposite. They've completely lost their minds. The political partys don't care since they are one party. So Clinton…or Trump, same difference. The rich get richer and the poor get more enslaved. Anyone who believes Trump is not part of this is a fool.

  2. they muddy the waters by propagating a frankenstein of progressivism and rad lib ideology.
    over time you become the milk toast of the DNC
    all by design.
    should have forced the goddamn vote !

  3. Breadwho? Another authoritarian propaganda op? This is why we need to be skeptical of everything we see. The Chinese Communist Party is very active in this area as well, by the way. I’m sure Max is all over that caper though.

  4. Love Jimmy, Max, Caleb, and friends who are exposing bloodthirsty imperialists. Finally the nut is getting cracked and the oligarchy is throwing all their resources to fight the cat coming out of the bag. Capitalism chains us physically and capitalist realism is the mental chain that manufactures consent. The CIA is truly responsible. No need for garbage "Q" conspiracy theories. Ultimately, it's imperialism versus the people. And their book of tricks is vast and ferocious. They have no mercy because they stand to lose everything.

  5. Where are her videos on the subject? I think you should be careful here. Shaun’s video does not have high production value. Seems like the same level of work he has been putting out since he got on this platform. Not that good. I hope the evidence is solid because you are both sounding a little out to lunch.

  6. What could go wrong?! Funny, this vid makes me wonder why JD’d YouTube page is still sitting around 919k subscribers. Can you imagine where JD’s channel would be if he wasn’t being suppressed?

  7. in a world where Twitter promotes the new episode of every shitty shows that get cancelled after one season
    you can be sure that all of these online platforms are just huge astro turf hubs for the 1%
    nasty places

  8. I'm impressed with you, Jimmy.
    Wanna know my take on what you're experiencing?
    Right now, they are softening you for negotiation. They want you weak and anxious. They know you have a soul and principals, and they're interested to learn how valuable they are to you.
    You are reaching a lot of people. It's not necessarily the volume of eyes you attract, more that many of those eyes are attached to minds that matter. In short, you are a threat to their interests. Fortunately, this is still the United States, so you're safety is not at risk. However, many aspects of your life will be systematically undermined the more you resist their entreaties.
    I too was once a 'liberal' (still am in substance…sorta), but was forced to confront the fact that liberal values will never survive progressive policies, as they are antithetical.
    The values must survive at all costs. Stay strong, my friend. It is worth it.

  9. JD, cutting thru the BS and propaganda, and calling out ANYONE when it's warranted.
    Love your show, and you have the best guests, like MB.
    Thanks Jimmy and co.
    I wish we didn't need you, but oh how we do.

  10. Actually Shaun pointed out major flaws in Jimmy's info on covid. It was a good video. Even though Jimmy did not address ANY of the things discussed, he did make a video trying to do damage control and went as far as "firing" one of his producers because of it. It is disappointing to see Jimmy trying to dismiss this as a "smear". I don't doubt Jimmy is being unfairly attacked, but that does not negate the fact that Shaun showed Jimmy's info on covid had some serous problems. If anything Jimmy should be grateful for the correction.

  11. I’m a bit confused, did PhilosophyTube accept the money? Or was it just an offer that was never actually spent? These are very different things. If a “leftist” YouTuber is taking government cash to spout their hand picked statist propaganda disguised as Commie-agitprop, that would he insane. If the gov merely floated the idea or simply made an offer that was never taken up, that’s something else entirely.
    Either way, PT is a big dumb dummy, but knowing PT is a Contra Points clone, makes me wonder if Contra is in on the scheme?

  12. A sure sign that a so called news media outlet is corporate/establishment captured is where they stand on Israel. I suspect TyT will start giving more friendly coverage of Israel, or just not talk about it at all.

  13. Jimmy. I love you. Truly do. I think you are the greatest breath of fresh air we have nowadays. And I know you’re intelligent but TWICE You said soydoscience (phonetically speaking). It was too funny, I’m sorry..,you go soy boy 🙂

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