Leftists are in Utter Denial About the Midterms

Seven seats? Seventeen would be on the far low end:

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  1. Here's the thing; you put Roe on the ballot. You're going to see the end results of the Republicans deeply unpopular policy position(s). You have people like Marjorie Greene and Lauren Boebert at the forefront of the party, and even though they're popular, their views aren't.

    We hear all the time "oh, you can't abolish the filibuster, then the Republicans would pass all sorts of crazy laws". LET THEM TRY. You will see how fast the nation turns on the GOP when they try to pass a national abortion ban, try to cut Medicare and Social Security, and attempt to roll back gay marriage. And if you're going to say "they won't ban anything, it will be sent back to the states", save it. Roe was just the beginning.

  2. Just a reminder:
    The Soyence just announced the mutant ninja varient. It'll be a full blown pan Dem. Ick just in time for the midterms. Expect the usual "honk honk".

  3. Maybe theyre confident enough in their "most inclusive voter fraud organization in history" to know they dont have to care how many people disagree with them.

  4. They'll still try to cheat their way out of complete and utter electoral failure. Their failures and eventual collapse are inevitable and undeniable. The Republicans will win, but don't underestimate the 'fortification' they were and will be guilty of.

  5. Nope the 2022 Big Steal is already starting. They've already started pushing fake polls that claim Democrats are gaining momentum due to abortion as they now claim a NEW Covid strain has suddenly showed up right before the election. The absentee ballot stuffing is going to be AWFUL because Republicans haven't done enough for vote security. They're going to do just like they did in 2020 and 21 and steal Senate seats at least, particularly in Ga.

  6. It's those who count the votes that decide the outcome. Republicans are stupid they always get cheated in every election. Remember 2020 where Biden suddenly wins after a ballot dump?

  7. I agree some what . If the republicans let the left count the votes and run the elections we might loose the midterms. 1st. as covid cases rise because of winter the media will go full fear porn. The dems. will bring on full on mail in voting and extend the election to a week or more. Did the Republicans wake up? The left will not give up power. They will bring out their shock troops to protest and burn cities. I hear no plan to stop this from the Republicans. Hope I am wrong.

  8. The Left are trying to figure out how to steel the MidTerm elections like they did the 2016 election. I guess Bidens failing leadership is making it hard to make it possible that Left could win legally.

  9. Had not 42 Republicans not decided to seek office in 2016 they would still hold the House. Half had guaranteed offices, but decided to step down .

  10. When the Left looses the Mid Terms they will cry foul and accuse the Right of rigging the elections. They will not accept the outcome of the election even thou they accuse the Right as being un patriot for not accepting the 2016 election .outcome. We all know it was stolen.

  11. The dems will TRY to fortify. It's likely not a problem anymore, with the swing states working to de-fortify, but the dems will still try.
    I would not be surprised, AT ALL, if they try some NEW trick. I wouldn't even be surprised if it worked. I hope like hell it doesn't, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

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