Leftists Are MORE Racist Than Anyone They Criticize, They Further Their Goals By CHANGING Language

Tim and guest Keri Smith of the Unsafe Space podcast find that leftists seem to capitalize on accusing others of doing what they’re doing, themselves (including racist behavior) by manipulating language and embodying ideological possession.

Guest: Keri Smith @ksemamajama on Twitter, @Unsafe Space on Twitter, YouTube

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Think about all the qualified white women and men of color that they excluded. Or heaven forbid, what if there's a white male VP who could deliver the Presidency for the Democrats.

  2. Some of the language AOC used, I believe it was when she was pushing back against the Amazon deal, she talked about concerns of the money coming into the community leading to gentrification and white people moving into minority communities.

    What she was really saying was, being poor and segregated has become a part of minority cultural identity that is too precious to be altered. AOC may be the one who expressed the concern, but nobody batted an eye so it would seem that it is an agreed upon idea the Democrats all share that to be poor and segregated is a part of minority cultural identity in America that must be kept in tact. Now, with that idea being a guiding principle of theirs, how in the hell can anyone ever help them? If opportunity for employment and advancement for minorities is perceived by Democrats as being a threat to a cultural identity Democrats deem precious….

    It's like, there's a starving child and someone uses images of that starving child to get people to send food, and when people do try to send food they leave it to spoil or keep it away from the starving child just so they can keep using images of the starving child to get people to send food.

    And the people in her district actually re-elected her. Are THEY somehow happy that she has managed to help keep minority communities in her district poor and segregated?

  3. Can you look into hydroxychloroquine. If the articles I am reading are true that it does work with little risk could this be political and if so who is responsible for mass murders of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Is anyone asking this question?

  4. I’m Asian, I don’t know how to explain to my kids they need extra 600 SAT points than their black friends to get to the same college.

  5. Kamala Harris is half-Indian but because she "looks black", she meets the criteria.

    PS – I predict we'll never hear her talk about her Asian heritage.

  6. Just to add to what you were saying about not paying attention to American militarism and war during Obama's tenure. A good friend of mine works in the Pentagon and he mentioned how colleagues of his who had been there since the Bush era told him how during that time there was some kind of anti-war demonstration from leftists somewhere in the vicinity of the Pentagon pretty much everyday, but then Obama won and even though the wars didn't stop, the demonstrations and protests did.

  7. 1+1=1 The only thing this works with is water. Just like the only thing that breaks down the round earth instantly is water. It finds its level.

  8. Time to bring back McCarthyism. I had no idea what the "Red Scare" was about way back when. All these people from Hollywood were interrogated. Now I see that current celebrities fit the profile and that the nation has to fight back. I'm just wondering how to oust much of Congress. They're all traitors who follow this racist, anti-American agenda.

  9. I was explaining this about 1-2 years ago in your comment sections multiple times, if you bothered to ever try to read at least some of your top voted comments, lol.

  10. I worked for a large company with locations throughout the country. Our local division was opening several BA positions in HR. The HR director actually said if you're a white male, don't even bother applying. Funny thing was our HR department was already 70% POC and women.

  11. There is no real left or right as we have been led to believe. There is only the club. The club is made up of members from both perceived sides and that club is the CFR. Nobody ever questions or looks into the CFR not even you. Their roster is available on the net listing every member alphabetically. Notice that when Joe Biden was seen on camera bragging about having the prosecutor fired in Ukraine or they wouldn't release the billion dollar US aide and everyone in the audience laughed and who was the audience? The CFR.

  12. The goal is to destroy the umbrella that is America under which we are unified no matter our ethnicity or race. Speaking of Obama, I voted for him too and regretted it. This guy helped the Iraqi PM commit genocides against the Iraqi Sunnis. Obama weaponized him and supported him because “that’s the agenda” GWB & Obama share the exact same agenda.

  13. It makes me laugh that americans think it is like this ALL OVER THE WORLD.
    No, sweety. It's MOSTLY in your usa. Your usa does this and has been doing this to us for over a CENTURY. We found ways around it. THAT'S why your have been taught we're the 'bad guys', because your usa cannot control us. You will figure it out too eventually.