Leftists Are Trying To Cancel Joe Rogan Over 10 Year Old Joke, Never Going To Happen!

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  1. By the way if anyone would want to argue that they don’t actually do what Tim was talking about by editing out qualifiers, they do.

    There was one point when David is Prager started out a sentence by saying that would be as ridiculous as saying… Well the edited that part out to try to argue that it was his actual opinion. That was media matters.

    I’ve seen other cases where they’ve attacked a host over something that a caller said Car Bob arguing that he agreed and chuckled. I had heard the actual call and the host Tom Tim and said there’s no place for that on this show or anywhere in my presence.

  2. Man, Rogan was brilliant to jump ship right when he did. He must have sensed this shit coming. YouTube would totally have caved to the woke crowd.

  3. lol .. wtf are you talking about "legacy" protection comedians have… they have NONE. Joe will only be fine because he is the number 1 podcast, etc… if he is at all.

  4. Joey Diaz is a disgusting dude – that's why I stopped watching Joe Rogan. Be offensive, and you will offend some people, and the free market will react.

  5. Thank you for making a REAL video about the actual issue, not some weird minecraft video (with several copies of itself, I might add) with audio commentary from a fucking computer nerd!

  6. Leftists will do better stopping this insanity before the saner part of teh US loses its temper and starts hanging them at every lamp post.
    I'm starting to be seriously sick of these morons.
    YouTube isn't safe from this idiocy, either: I don't know where this came from, but these have been the days of the "call out your harasser" campaign.
    Funnily enough, a whole lot of girls are accusing male YTers of rape and harassment. You go read the messages exchange and you have literal WHORING for the sake of gaining advantages, that often doesn't go their way. Because of their failure, the guy is now a bonafide rapist. Are we taking the piss?

  7. ………who cares? I’m on the left (sorta, I’m a chomskian anarchist who fucking despised the dnc leadership as much as I despise the GOP) and so are a lot of Diaz fans. Joe has said “I lean hard left most of the time” several times. There’s no real fan who would stop listening based on this shit. Who cares?

  8. Oh dude “the daily mail” is like the enquirer man. I agree with you but that’s a preposterous paper to cite as a source. Have you been to the UK? Just wondering.

  9. Why would tucker support the left?? Hes Republican. Of course the stupid Democrats are gonna not like him, they dont want anyone telling the truth.

  10. Not hard to figure out why the left wants to cancel him 1st he doesn't endorse the left and 2cd he isn't suffering from TDS enough

  11. You can't cancel what you have no influence over. People that watch Joe Rogan don't go along with cancel culture. Two completely different groups of people.

  12. Stay the hell away from the ''right'', Joe. Brain damaged fence-sitters like you are NOT welcome….Basically, you're a loser, who appeals to losers, and the fact that you've gotten rich, is the evidence that America is an entire country of losers.

  13. I agree with the one reply to that comment by hotep jesus…..Rogan and carlson won't parrot their ("progressives") narrative, so they likely see them as a danger to them.
    They also know that as long as the echo chamber isn't complete and there are dissenting voices that reach that many people that they have a good chance of losing to trump in 2020

  14. 9:20 But there likely IS a c*nspiracy…..there are many companies(like big tech giants) and people who have said they are trying to censor dissent and make trump lose.