Leftists CANCEL White House Siege Due To Fear Of Trump, Confirms Trump’s Plan WORKED, Riots Are DONE

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  1. Even if they did go there and "Lay Siege" to the White House. They've likely been setting up cameras and thermals up top to watch the crowds and photograph any individual of note. And while they're stood in front of the Cameras, running their faces against a database, informing Officers and Tagging them to be arrested on previous offences/warrants.

    It would have been great!

  2. ha ha a Fear from the Bunker Boy who turn off the Lights in White House, when hi see the Protest in the streets.or a fear from a Traitor who call the Troops Losers and Suckers. the real Fear Trump is going to have is Nov 3 when Americans vote Joe Biden for President

  3. There are many types of freedom, and in at least some ways we are not freer than we have ever been in the past. Economic freedom/regulation is one way (there are several elements to that as well some of which are freer). The west was pretty darn free in parts of the 1800s. It’s not necessarily that the government was less authoritarian, but it was certainly less capable of imposing its power over wide open, sparsely populated areas.

  4. What did it cost? Lives Ruined? The spread of the Coronavirus amongst the youth? Property Damage? Lives destroyed? People Dead?
    Is all of this 'Worth it' to these People to unseat an elected President?

    "Do You Feel Like a Hero Yet? -Sergeant John Konrad; Spec Ops: The Line

  5. This is REALLY disapointing, I've enjoyed the nightly riot highlights, watching these morons get gasses and bum-rushed is a lot of fun.. Sad days..

  6. When Daddy brings the hammer down, these spoiled kids who've never heard the word no from their own hippie parents, realize that doing fed time is not a walk in the park.

  7. What you appear to mean Tim, is like the extreme Nut Case that shot-up the Los-Vagus concert venue… Quite likely an Ultra Zealot Left Wing indentured lackey of some sort… (A quasi, or even literal, Manchurian Candidate/Auto Pilot type perhaps…) There are likely many of them a-foot in the USA… This has been developing in the twilight since the end of the WW2… Yea, did not and do not hear anything intelligently final about that convoluted Los-Vagus thing/mass shooting now did we…

  8. Wrong. There has been more than one activist arrested… For someone who "reads the news 16 hours a day" I'd imagine you'd have seen the numerous stories.

  9. I think they should have used the Active Denial Systems…this shit would have been over alot quicker. And NO THEY'RE NOT LIKE MICROWAVES actually, the ADS, a non-lethal directed-energy weapon, projects a very short duration (on the order of a few seconds) focused beam of millimeter waves at a frequency of 95 gigahertz (GHz). A microwave oven operates at 2.45 GHz. At the much higher frequency of 95 GHz, the associated directed energy wavelength is very short and only physically capable of reaching a skin depth of about 1/64 of an inch. A microwave oven operating at 2.45 GHz has a much longer associated wave length, on the order of several inches, which allows for greater penetration of material and efficiency in heating food. The ADS provides a quick and reversible skin surface heating sensation that does not penetrate into the target. Very effective with minimal to zero lasting injuries.

  10. I have it from a Homeland Security guy that some of the folks arrested will be finding themselves on the No Fly list. It was the reason NFAC packed it's bag and ran from Louisville like they did. One of the other militia that were there were talking and dude told GMJ that he found himself on the No Fly list. For some reason that spooked GMJ and he's been laying low since that chat.
    And if you think the riots are over you are delusional. They are scattered doing other things in other cities. Some laying low thinking they'll be back at it shortly. Guilt by association. You can, in this country, be given the death penalty on less circumstantial evidence.
    Do you think that 1 single American gives a fuck about the civil rights of those people. They have been slowly, by being offended, taken our right to defend ourselves over the last few years. So that now we can't defend our families, our homes and our businesses. Then they decided to rub our noses in it and dance on our graves. They have killed the innocent and partied. They openly steal from and beat senior citizens. Brag about burning this country down. Knowingly tell lie after lie with no other purpose than to breed hate and fear and distrust among citizens. There has never been a reason for anything they've done. They have done things that had I done the same I would have been charged with war crimes and treason. They armed themselves, taken up arms and invaded and captured cities. Assaulted cops and federal police with all manner weapons. Cold blooded murdered police officers knowing nothing was going to happen to them. They set themselves above us and smacked our faces with their crimes mocking us. And we can't protect our own homes and families now? I thought we all had rights, unless they deprive others of their rights. They ain't gone. They've come too far to just walk away like that. It's too close to election day to just give up.
    So, if you think folks are gonna be all concerned about denying them their rights…we'll just some pictures of dead children and police officers. Show them entire families of small business owners they have burned to the ground. They have rights too, you know. All the dead? What about their rights? I get that our laws, which keep us from being asses to them. And prove we are the ' bigger man ' in all this. Buy that doesn't mean we want to sit and listen to someone like you talk about them as though you haven't been going on for months about how WE should do something about the violence. Don't think for a minute that this American citizen is gonna forget they have rights (you know, those things they have cheerfully stripped from us). And how do we define terrorism? Still, they have rights. So do with them as you wish, we can wait.
    But I want you to understand…there's only one way this is gonna end. Violently and brutally. The only thing that's holding the silent majority from handing them their hypocritical asses is that we don't want our anger stopping the election. Make no mistake though, if Trump ever says 'sic em' we are all over that! The silent majority is on at the end our leash.
    Now those people have said numerous times that they not American. So treat them like an invading force. They are clearly terrorists. They admit as much. Treat them as an invading force. Either way, we will be remembering names and faces. The one thing that pisses me off the most is the distraction they were while laws were quickly passed that makes the children of this country fair game for the sickest minds out there. Maybe they were not helping create those laws, but they were trying to stop them either. Another pitch black mark on their ledger.
    So please don't think we would do anything evil intentionally. But should something evil happens to them we won't be doing anything to help them.

  11. I understand they have to wear electronic monitors, while under house arrest, with the attendant penalties for violation… That is OK with me, up to the mid level of violation seriousness…