Leftists CHEER Over Video of Cop Choke Slamming Woman For Not Wearing A Mask, Complete Hypocrisy

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  1. She would not have been touched, had she been black. The officer would not gone straight the use of force had she been black. Leftism is not liberalism, Communism is not freedom. Thank God for the Founders, thank God for the Constitution.

  2. Thanks YouTube for opening up and showing me more vids you wouldn't let me see.. oh look. This is a week old. ?? Thanks YouTube. You're sucky

  3. The worst part is not being able to leave the police-state country that is Australia to go live in the US because of this ''pandemic'' How convenient ? They're starting to show their true colours while we're trapped.

  4. It’s time to end the forced mask use. It must be optional. It’s gone on for far too long and people are being harmed because of it various ways. If you’re afraid, stay home. The rest of us want to get on with life. The masks now seem like authoritarian oppression.

  5. Lol if you end up going though South East Kansas on the way to South Dakota and if you see this pm me I work at a restaurant and would be happy to serve you