Leftists DEMAND We Abolish The Police, Clearly They WANT Trump To Win In A Landslide

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  1. An organization made up of citizens to protect the community is another name for a Police Department you Pepega. Policemen ARE citizens too. Theres literally no difference its so dumb.

  2. People don’t think the police are fair, even with all this oversight. How corrupt do you think small group of civilians would become? And policing isn’t something you do part time after work with limited training.

  3. Propaganda technique: Bandwagon. By propping up their extreme positions and stamping down everything else, people will only ever hear the extreme position and come to believe that it must be right since everyone's behind it. Everyone has a bit of lemming in them; as more and more people join the clown show, it becomes harder and harder for the more skeptical people to resist. It's a rolling snowball.

  4. People are too fucking stupid to be responsible for an armed neighborhood watch.
    If untrained police officers is the problem now, then what do you get with a bunch of untrained schmucks who don't spend enough time at the range? A bunch of scared people who put themselves in dangerous positions, they'll shoot first and ask questions later, and they'll likely miss. They won't understand how to position themselves for a safe line of fire, and they'll just wind up missing and shooting innocent people's houses or worse, the innocent people themselves.
    That's a fucking stupid idea lol.

  5. The only constitutionally recognized form of law enforcement is the sheriff's and the militia. It is unconstitutional to have a standing army as well. That is supposed to be the job of the militia. Which is just a well-armed well-informed well-trained citizenry

  6. No no no. Stop it! Our so-called leaders are not feckless and weak and bowing to the Mob. They're the ones pushing this crap. Please stop with the thought that politicians are inept incompetent or stupid. They just have goals and definitions that are contrary to ours. But everything they do is absolutely on purpose not on accident or from incompetence and they are very good at what they do look around you look at how well they've done at trying to destroy this nation. Wake the fuck up!!!

  7. Look for a repeat of '68. Without a 3rd party candidate like George Wallace to siphon off 46 electoral votes, it will be a landslide for the "law and order" 2.0 candidate :).

  8. Tim, as a 4C'ner that helped with the OK-WP symbol hoax, we are literally just a bunch of autists with extra time duping literal autists and retards into saying crazier bullshit. We totally could get them to say this, but unfortunately this time its actually just real SJ ops sperging on their own.

  9. Tim, #BLM is a joke, if they want to sway me to support them, maybe they find a way stop the Black on Black violence first. They should work with say the Chicago PD to find a way to end that areas violence.

  10. Communists were trying to seize power in Czechoslovakia in 1948. So their labor leaders incited riots. When the police tried to stop the lawlessness and destruction, the communists exploited the situation by claiming police brutality. Then they took control of the policing, and the game was over. 40 years of darkness ensued. 

    There's nothing new about this tired old playbook, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous.

  11. let's see a month ago it was about "police reform" until floyd & everyone started calling for reform & now the left has switched to "abolish police" just showing that they won't be happy with anything & that they aren't after simple reform

  12. The extreme left want the police gone for one reason. Control. Once the police are gone, the only organization left to enforce the laws of the lefts doctrine will be the one under their complete control. The Military.
    As the old saying goes "Be careful what you wish for"

  13. You want community policing. Go read about what happened to Billy the Kid and the Regulators. And this is awful ironic considering how everyone threw that community policing in Georgia under the bus just a few weeks ago.

  14. The scary part is … they're going to do it. The Minneapolis city council voted to defund their own police department. The result should be a case-study on why this is a Very Bad Idea. I am so glad I don't live there…

  15. The Leftists don't want President Trump to win in a landslide. They just have no clue that "actions have consequences".

  16. Investigate this knee on the neck business to start racial divide – the same knee on the neck incident happened in the US , Paris, and Madrid only days apart, May25th, May 28th and May 30th – photos at Girltown channel

  17. One guy I talked is a very anti-Trump person. Going to the extent of orange man bad. But he also hates Democrats just as much. He think its seriously insane to even DEFUND the police. If you defund the police it will give the same to almost similar case of having no police. He thinks the people are insane of wanting to abolish police.

  18. I'm in favor of elite Democrats supporting abolishing the police.
    All Trump has to do is publicly announce his support for the police and the Democrat elites will come out against it.
    It's in the nature

  19. How could anyone manage to be so stupid as to seriously and genuinely recommend disbanding the police??? It’s hard to believe these people are actually adults!!

  20. They want the American police defunded so Biden can implement the Muslim police, usher in Sharia Law and force all American citizens to conform to it. Democracy will be dissolved, the constitution destroyed and… in come the Muslim President. America will only exist in history books… that will quickly be burned.