Leftists DESTROY Washington Statue, Democrats Want Jefferson Removed In NYC, History Is Being Erased

Leftists DESTROY Washington Statue, Democrats Want Jefferson Removed In NYC, History Is Being Erased. Trump was right and the media was wrong, as per usual.

Trump warned in 2017 Jefferson and Washington could be next and he was right. But we are not just talking about the far left tearing down statues Democrats in NYC want Thomas Jefferson removed from city hall.

Mainstream Democrats are not just passively watching they are actively engaging in the removal of our history in support of a fringe ideology that is creeping ever more into the mainstream.

And where are Republicans? Doing nothing, saying nothing

Democrats in California have just voted to repeal civil rights law that would prohibit discrimination in a move so shocking I still don’t understand how this is possible. Some Republicans have spoken up but where is our leadership?

Why won’t our politicians stand up and call this out?


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. What sort of idiot writes "You're on Native Land"? Are they unaware that they themselves are doing the exact same thing as they paint their message? Leftists = 93% BRAIN DEAD!!!

  2. There was always a rumor in my family that my maternal great grandmother was related to George Washington's mother. Does that mean that I will have to pay reparations? I am asking a serious question ? Because, I am disabled and on a fixed income and I cannot dish my money over for the sake of a rumor and something I call ridiculous because they should have been paid to real, former slaves post Civil War.

  3. There was a statue in Madison, WI, of a white abolishonist that was torn down and on the pedestal was spray painted, "black is beautiful." How ironic.

  4. Jefferson tried on 2 occasions to prohibit slavery in all the territories and was defeated … starting in 1784. Wasn't perfect though as he then had to keep his slaves later on due to debt and he toned down his rhetoric as he grew to become one of it's offenders…. half of his neighbors freed their slaves on the signing of the constitution and he was unpopular with them as well …freedmen increased 40 fold in that period largely due to his earlier writings on the subject. He knew though he had built the machine that eventually would end slavery. When he lost his first vote to completely remove slavery from all the new territories by one New Jersey vote (who was absent), he wrote.. "The voice of a single individual of the state which was divided, or of one of those which were of the
    negative, would have prevented this abominable crime from spreading itself over the new country. Thus we see the fate of millions unborn hanging on the tongue of one man, & heaven was silent in that awful moment!" … so I think the protestors case is less than moot.

  5. Reversing affirmative action in California is only meant for everybody else but whites to be able to discriminate against whites

  6. This guy lives in cloud cuckoo land with his left wing Marxist ideas. There is nothing progressive in Marxism!!! They are regressive, not progressive. Some of what he says I agree with and like especially condemning the ignorant and violent anarchists and Marxist lunatics vandalising statues and trying to re-write history. However his condemnation of slavery and anyone owning slaves hundreds of years ago is utterly stupid. If this little Korean boy would travel back in time in a Star Trek Star Ship being catapulted around the Sun just as you see in some episodes, he would experience a completely different, alien world where the people thought completely differently. If he were to open his mouth he would be considered either a witch or a sorcerer and burned at the stake or someone possessed by demons. At the time of Jefferson and Washington and for probably the whole of human existence before that, slavery was common and normal. Should we also in Europe go around removing and vandalising statues from ancient Rome and Greece and later centuries until the British Empire stopped slavery??? Absolutely not. That would be utterly mad. The gentlemen who had large farms and plantations had little choice but to do things economically and to use slaves. Where would they get the paid labourers from? Do those insane BLM and modern left wing idiots really think the slaves were all treated badly? They had free accommodation and food and medical care and in some cases even education. What the hell else could the slaves do in America at that time? Be unemployed? Homeless? Starve? There were also white slaves in those days you know and for thousands of years before that!!!
    And stop condemning white settlers and their descendants for claiming superiority and America for themselves. It was the British and later other European colonists and settlers and pioneers who built america – for themselves!!! It is the White people who discovered and invented most things and went out into the world and explored far off new lands and built them up and used their resources and NOT Wogs, Coons, Niggers or anyone bloody well else!!! Superior white and Caucasian people, even if on average we are supposed to have a couple of IQ points less than you oriental mongoloid peoples. We make it up with more inventiveness and creativity and adventurousness. And another thing son, so called "affirmative action" is a post modernists Marxist idea and is bad!!! In a meritocracy it is your skill and ability and intelligence that matters because that is how things get done the best by the best qualified people!!!

  7. OH! One more thing son. The Republicans were just waiting to see how things go and for the Democrats to reveal their stupidity and weakness and incompetence. Now law and order is being restored by federal agents and the national guard.

  8. Of course they want to erase history. They want black people to forget that slavery was even a thing. So they can sneakily introduce it in the future, and finally get their slaves back. I mean being a Democrat is already institutionalized slavery, so….

  9. Where is the outrage from our Republican political cowards. Where are all the voices for our historical history of America good and bad right and wrong. Countries make mistakes.. even great Democracy like America. That doesn't mean that radical Anarchist and Marxist terrorist should be aloud to run amuck and create havoc and disrtuction. The rule of law and our history must be secured from the lawless. ???? Next they will demand that the Statue of liberty must be taken down as a symbol of sexist and white supremacist.

  10. Statues aren't history. They are a political statement. Go read a history book if you want to learn about history. The plaque on a statue contains more history than any statue ever will.

  11. We live in a world and in a country with slavery, children, women and men are being sold as sexual slaves as I am typing this, instead of people stopping the evil of today they are complaining about the wrongs of 200 years ago pretending they are the victim its disgusting.
    The founding fathers fought to end the evil that by all modern estimates "benefited" white people so please tell me how the men who fought the evil in their time that "benefited" them are lesser than the pathetic morons of today who don't realize their own privilege and who whine about everything.

    I cant stand these people.